USS Ascension

Task Force 38’s mission to the Delta Quadrant has always been a daunting one. Even for the boldest and most idyllic explorers, the idea of travelling to the most distant parts of the galaxy with limited support can be taxing. When contact was re-established with the Task Force, through the discovery of the Fourth of July Nebula and the Epatha Gateway, Starfleet realized that it would need to better support the objectives of 38, and its officers.

Thus, Starfleet reassigned the USS Ascension to Task Force 38, with a bold and three-tiered mission: Equip, Enforce, and Educate. The Ascension’s first mission is to bring much-needed supplies and personnel to the Delta Quadrant. Having been specially outfitted, the ship has just left Providence Fleet Yards to complete this first task. The second task, once arrived, will be to act as Starfleet’s “cavalry” in the region. As a dreadnought, with a complement of over 1,600 personnel, the Ascension is ready to take on the toughest challenges the Delta Quadrant can throw at it.

The final mission is to help train the next generation of Starfleet officers. Under the command of Commander Samuel Reynolds, a former Academy Instructor, and with a cadre of instructors and teachers aboard, the Ascension will serve as home to a full class of Fourth-year Cadets, who will complete their studies while aboard the cadet cruise of a lifetime. And who knows, perhaps citizens of the Delta Quadrant will want to begin their Starfleet Academy studies while aboard?

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