2018 SciWorld Is Coming

Hey all,

It is with a distinct pleasure that I announce the 2018 edition of SciWorld, hosted by Bravo Fleet, Star Army and Ongoing Worlds. It promises to be a July 28th filled with interesting sessions, fun games and an opportunity for all corners of roleplay to come together and discuss this amazing hobby while also having a chance to recruit.

SciWorld will be the second event in one year’s time where Bravo Fleet has a key role in its organization. Another statement to the world from the Fleet that we seek to cooperate with other groups so that we may all get the most out of simming.

On behalf of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, Command Council and the organization of SciWorld ’18, I invite you all to join us this Saturday on https://discord.gg/Cyr8UPe. More information about SciWorld can be found at https://www.bravofleet.com/sciworld-18. The final schedule will be announced soon but both the start and end times are final.

See you all there!

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