A Debut to Something Greater

This mark the beginning of a new era for the Federation News Service, with a new Editor and new correspondent to inform you all of the latest news within the Fourth Fleet. Our goal shall always be to gather information and to work toward entertaining you as well as making sure you learn everything in our great Fleet. From the Command Council to the simple cadet, passing from the officer to the enlisted man and woman that constitute our force, the FNS shall be there for you. With this journal to be delivered every month, we plan to offer you story from each Task Force as well as a column for Promotion and award deserve to the member of the Bravo Fleet.

Its is my pleasure to offer you this first edition of the newly FNS and hope that it shall be the start of a decade of an amazing work between us all.

I have also some sad news to report, the passing of a member of Bravo Fleet in the last months.

Peter Gorman had been the CO of the USS Nimitz as well as a TGCO and once was the CO of the TG192, which was a Bravo Fleet in affiliate in the days before Task Forces. He was part of the USS Traveler playing the role of Lieutenant Alexander Shepard, a Colony Liaison.

His CO, Commander Remas McDonald played by JakeSjet:

‘’This month we saw the loss of Alexander Shepard, played by Peter Gorman. He had been suffering from what we all hoped was a treatable condition, but unfortunately he passed away.’’

From the information given to us by member of the BFA, Mr.Gorman had once ran the TG192, an affiliated group of Bravo Fleet as the Rear Admiral William Montgomery.

I would like to honor the memory of a man who has created and worked for a long time toward the experience and to help others experience what is a Star Trek sim.

To the Memory of Peter Gorman, may he rest in peace in the star that we all dream of.

Cmdr Valerian Silverstein
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