A New Senior Staff

Hello all,

It is with a distinct pleasure and privilege that I announce two changes to the Task Force 9 Senior Staff.

First of all the position of Task Force Executive Officer.

Over the past few months I have grown to learn Teix as a man with strong opinions but a true dedication to getting the best out of Task Force 9. At more than one time he has proven the vital moral compass to guiding us in the right direction and as such I did not hesitate for a second when the TFXO vacancy came up. Teix will be revising one of his old characters Commodore Tarix Goran to serve as his Task Force Senior Staff NPC.

With Teix’ promotion comes another vacancy, as Task Force 9 is blessed with a large amount of raw talent I have sought candidates from within and am pleased to say a great many incredibly capable candidates stepped forward. The decision to pick only one was not an easy one but alas, such are the By-Laws. In the end I have decided to pick the CO of the USS Ride, Captain Andrea Roivas (better known as Sean) to serve as the Task Group Vanguard Commanding Officer.

Please join me in congratulating both these great individuals and thanking all who expressed interest.

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