A New Song

Today, we’ll be welcoming Captain Song of the uSS North Star to the ranks of Task Force 99 Senior Staff. She will be in charge of recruitment and a new newsletter. Here is a brief interview with her.

VADM Aravan: How long have you been simming?
Captain Song: Over 12 years.
VADM Aravan: In regards to previous sims and fleets, what roles have you held?
Captain Song: My first ship was the amandora. When we left IDF we formed Quicksilver Fleet where I became the recruitment admiral and newsletter editor.
VADN Aravan: An Admiral for recruitment and a newsletter editor? Very impressive. Now you’ve found yourself in Bravo Fleet and Task Force 99. What is your current thoughts on the Task Force?
Captain Song: So far I like it. Been here a couple years.
VADM Aravan: What do you feel you can bring to the Task Force in regards to your history in recruitment and newsletter editor? I’m looking for a few good people to flesh out the senior staff for TF99.
Captain Song: If the task force is going to grow and each ship we need fresh blood. And a newsletter should include all ships stats so everyone can see how each ship is doing.
VADM Aravan: I like the idea of a newsletter and your history with it. Other than ship stats, what would you like to see in it?
Captain Song: Trivia, I did interviews of the admirals, the captains and then XO’s. I had birthdays, anniversaries just to name some.
VADM Aravan: Trivia is certainly interesting and gets people to come together. Do you have any questions for me in regards to your new position?
Captain Song: Not at this time.
VADM: Thank you for your time, Commodore Song.

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