A Rose By Any Other Color

Greetings and salutations, my dear and faithful followers! I, Cetus Lapetus, am signing on to report the latest and greatest data leaks for your sordid listening pleasure. I have been hard at work investigating the covert shenanigans that our benevolent overlords in Starfleet Command have been hard at work concealing from the public.

In recent times, we have learned that the Federation faces a new threat in an unholy alliance of hostile powers that have named themselves the Alrakis Pact. Stellar powers formerly on the fringe of Federation space have forced us out of the Inconnu Expanse through unknown military means. Thus far, only the Tzenkethi, Breen, and Talarians have come forward as public members of the Alpha Quadrant’s newest power bloc, but many signs point toward one or more shadow members.

This reporter has learned that Starfleet Intelligence holds the same suspicions, which led to the authorization of a special operation by Starfleet Command. Due to the labyrinthian nature of Starfleet’s clandestine (non)military operations, it is unclear at this time whether Commodore Tau and his nefarious Office of Special Investigations is involved. What has been determined, however, is that a Special Operations Team was sent into the Inconnu Expanse to perform reconnaissance and espionage actions against the Alrakis Pact. I regret to inform you, dear followers, that I have received a report by an anonymous official which specifically declared the Special Operations Team Missing-in-Action.

Due to the classified nature of the report, many details were redacted, such as the exact location of the team’s last known whereabouts. The redacted intelligence report revealed only that it was a Class K world and that the designated extraction vessel could not locate life-signs after a catastrophic event ended the ground mission. Commenting only under the strictest conditions of anonymity, the official made a brief summary of the team’s assets:
“No big fancy ship. No pulse cannons. No slipstream drive. No cloaking technology. No fancy shielding. Just wit and will and a lot of out-of-the-box/no box thinking.”
A dire prediction indeed of their odds of survival. Let us hold in our hearts the fallen angels of Starfleet’s overzealous ambitions and pray they overcome all odds to fight, cheat, and steal their way back home. Remember that these are not rank-and-file Starfleet officers, but combat medics, ordnance weapons experts, communications technology specialists, and professional Intelligence operators of every stripe. If anybody can defy the abject treachery of the Alrakis Pact and the bumbling stupidity of Starfleet Command, it will be the best and brightest the Federation has to offer.

My contacts within the highest echelons of Starfleet will continue feeding me leaked reports regarding the lost team. Be sure to like and subscribe to this ongoing story so that you don’t miss a single development, and perhaps pitch a couple of credits toward the crowd-funding campaign set up in their honor. All proceeds will go directly toward necessary espionage efforts to bring them home.

In a completely unrelated report, my contacts also reported the Antares class SS Indigo Rose freighter which went missing near the Inconnu Expanse ages ago has recently been reported as having active transponder activity. Wink, wink.

This has been Cetus Lapetus for FNS in Task Force 72, signing off.

Cetus Lapetus
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