A Sit Down With Captain Izal

Earlier this year the USS Onnar was tragically destroyed by the Gorn command ship when the enemy vessel rammed into the Onnar’s port quarter causing massive damage to the structure of the ship. The crew later found out that they had been reassigned to a new starship with the same namesake.

I managed to catch up to Captain Neela Izal while the crew was busy resting at Deep Space Nine before departing into the Gamma Quadrant following the ship’s reassignment to Task Force Nine. After some convincing I managed to convince the Betazoid Captain to sit down and conduct an interview.

One of the first questions I asked the Captain was how her crew and her were coping with the loss of their previous ship and she responded, “I think the crew have managed pretty well over the past two months since the new assignment. We will miss working with Vice Admiral Banda and the rest of Task Force Ninety-Three, however we are certainly looking forward to the scientific expedition in the Gamma Quadrant.”

For those who don’t know Captain Izal joined Starfleet in the year 2364, is a veteran of the Dominion War, and a long time scientist. We asked her what it is like being tasked with a deep space assignment, “I’ve become really anxious about going on this assignment since finding out about it. But, there are so many intricacies with deep space assignments.
“For starters the amount of supply requisition requests are daunting. You have to make certain that your crew and ship have enough supplies to last for months. We don’t know just how long we will be in deep space, but the current thought is at least six months to a year maybe longer.”

The Onnar is scheduled to depart Deep Space Nine in the coming days in order to be the next starship to traverse through the Bajoran Wormhole and start their trek across space to their designated deep space coordinates. We did ask Captain Izal about how well her crew were settling into their new ship, “So far they have been. We are still trying to come up with a nickname for our crew lounge, but several ideas are in the running.”

Neela was unable to answer any further questions, but I am looking forward to seeing more come out of them in the coming months. The Onnar has certainly proven herself to be a fine ship for Starfleet and, from what I seen during my tour aboard the ship the crew take a great deal of pride in their ship and work aboard.

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