Admiralty Changes

Hello everyone!

December is more than halfway through, and we are inching further and further towards the end of 2018. As we prepare for the new year, the BFCC has a few small changes to the BFA to announce.

First, Major General Paul Potter (Moss) will be stepping down from Task Force 38. Moss entered Task Force 38 following JonM’s transfer to the Internet Office and sought to bring encouragement, communication and growth to the Task Force. In recognition for his efforts, the BFCC awards him the Major General Emeritus Award.

Taking Moss’s place will be Aio. Aio will be moving away from his older Academy Commandant and will be using instead Admiral Paka Larem.

As Aio will be transferring over from the Community Relations Office, the BFA deliberated over several candidates for the position, ultimately selecting Tara from Task Force 99. She has not yet determined the character for her position, but she will do so with the rank of Rear Admiral.

Thank you, Moss, for all you have done for Task Force 38, and congratulations to both Aio and Tara for their new positions. We look forward to a fantastic 2019 with you on board.

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