August 2018 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the August 2018 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lt. JG Kemm Talu, USS Altai;
The Altai‘s current mission is science based, meaning the Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Kemm Talu was going to be playing a major part. What I did not anticipate was just how much he would impact the plot. Lieutenant Kemm has been working on character development and, in this mission, that has not only continued but has come to the forefront. So much so, that it has added interesting and enjoyable twists to the mission.
Lt Cmdr. Ronan Channe & Lt. Ba.zra Jennings, USS Columbus;
For an outstanding Joint Post series exploring their character’s relationship.
Lt. Casniy Maran, USS Mercury;
My nomination for player of the month goes to Leanna who plays our Chief of Security, Lieutenant Casniy Maran. Since joining in July she’s been very active with posts, as well as on our chat server on discord. She took part in six of the fourteen posts that were completed in [August], and I know that she has a number of them in waiting to be sent out once we progress in our mission. She’s been a thrill to have on my sim and I look forward to seeing her develop her character more in the months to come.
Lt. Sivani Kadayam, USS Ulysses;
Kadayam has stepped up in the absence of an XO or 2XO and has really helped me to direct the sim and keep it active. Her character has played an integral part in the early stages of our mission, providing keen intellect and technological advice to combat the Borg. At 6 posts, she rivals only me.
Lt. Jordyn de Planca, USS Onnar;
This month I will be nominating Lieutenant Jordyn de Planca for Player of the Month. She is an excellent writer who has taken her character to increasingly higher heights with each post. She has really taken her character and ran with it. Emily did a magnificent job writing her character’s motherly instincts putting them on full display throughout the entire ordeal. Personally I enjoy writing with her and cannot wait to see what is next to come from Emily and her character.
Ahira Katsomoto, USS Galahad;


Simulation of the Month

Deep Space 11;
In the past month we have had a lot of excellent performers, as such the decision was not an easy one. Deep Space 11 has taken on the nearly impossible task of transforming a TF story platform in a full sim that still drives canon and is doing so with great activity and compelling story. The reward is earned by its entire crew who are doing an excellent job of showing what Task Force 9 stands for on the Headquarters sim.
USS Boise;
USS Boise is Task Force 38 Sim of the Month because last month the Game Master was on a LOA and his players led by the AGM took control of the game with permission and kept it active.
USS Nighthawk;
My nomination for sim of the month goes to the U.S.S. Nighthawk. They were the most active sim of task force 64 in the month of August, having recorded a total of 23 posts. USS Nighthawk – Lots of quality posts already this month! USS Nighthawk – Active sim with a good crew.
USS Traveller;
With the introduction of the insidious Myriad group, this sim has produced a truly shrewd and sinister villain in Abborax the likes of which haven’t been seen in Trek since the TOS/TWOK era.
Outpost Curtiss;
I’d like to nominate Outpost Curtiss this month, they started out last month and so far they have really impressed me. They have an amazing looking website and a good group of players, all of whom seem to be working quite well together. The crew, from the few posts I read, do enjoy writing together and it shows in the amount of work and writing that has already gone on and I see big things for this simulation into the future. A great first month overall and they should all be very proud of their efforts.
Starbase Port Royale;

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