USS Hypatia

January 14, 2019 0

The USS Hypatia, a Vesta class ship operating in the Beta Quadrant as part of Task Force 93, has a unique mission. Our focus is to provide diplomatic and humanitarian assistance in the Task Force Read More

USS Thurgood Marshall

January 12, 2019 0

The USS Thurgood Marshall is a criminal pursuit ship. Designed to track and chase down all manner of criminals, from smugglers to those who have commited treason. Her staff is selected based off prior security, Read More

USS Ascension

January 10, 2019 0

Task Force 38’s mission to the Delta Quadrant has always been a daunting one. Even for the boldest and most idyllic explorers, the idea of travelling to the most distant parts of the galaxy with Read More

USS Sevastapol

January 8, 2019 0

In 2388, the Borg obliterated the Task Force Headquarters at The Round Table, forcing the crew of the Sevastopol to engage their experimental slipstream drive to escape quickly. The plan worked, but there were heavy Read More