Beyond the Galactic Barrier, Beyond the Stars

Never before has an all-points bulletin been issued by the FNS like the one we are about to disclose. In centuries past, there have been tales of journeys beyond the galactic barrier that resulted in little more than light excursions or cautionary warnings about going where no man ought to go. Fast forward to today where Project Long Jump’s manned starship which had been catapulted to Messier-4, a globular cluster to the stellar north of the galaxy, signaled their success via an unknown form of long-range communication.

Despite the restricted resources, this reporter was able to acquire a snippet of limited bandwidth to speak with the Long Jump Project Director, Zado Kasmir, who had accompanied the USS Traveller on its historic voyage.

Cetus Lapetus: “Zado, darling! It is so good to hear from you after these long months of trepidation and worry. Be a dear and tell the good people of the Federation what it is like in Messier-4. Was there much turbulence along the way?”

Zado Kasmir: “Not as much as you might expect. Starfleet, the Long Jump Project Administration, and our corporate partners in this venture built an excellent Phase Space Accelerator. I’m sure your audience has seen holos of our departure from the star system Far Far Away. But due to the nature of Phase Space travel, accurate predictions of a exit point take time to process, and are prone to errors. In this case, we appeared 30 light years outside of Messier 4. So we got an excellent view of the Globular Cluster as we approached. Bright young stars, pulsars beating their constant rhythm, and old red dwarfs litter this sphere of stars. I can speak for the Long Jump Project team, and the Starfleet crew of the USS Traveller, that we are all very excited by the possibilities presented.”

CL: “Have you discovered new life and civilizations?”

ZK: “We…have, yes. At the moment we are aware of at least five races within the area of space on the Milky Way facing side of Messier 4. Of those five, one springs to mind as worthy of note, a race called The Myriad. Our dealings with them have so far been of a hostile nature, with our own hospitality betrayed by one of their Traders who damaged our ship quite severely.”

CL: “What resources has the Traveller claimed in the Federation’s name?”

ZK: “As mentioned previously, we were attacked by a member of the Myriad. These quazi traders and merchants in their strike against us rendered a near fatal blow to the colony barge Acheron that had followed us out into Messier 4. It was only down to the fast actions of the Starfleet crew that the barge was saved, but not before having to make a forced landing on an arid moon. Carpathia is the name they have given their world, with its first township being Landersfall. Carpathia is an M Class world only because it has a breathable atmosphere, but for all intents and purposes, it is a barren world of desert and scorching heat. The Starfleet crew are doing all that they can to support the colony, and continue with their mission of peaceful exploration.”

CL: “Oh my! These Myriad of whom you speak, are they more swindling pirates like the Ferengi and Orion Syndicate, or do they pose a conventional threat of arms against the good people of the Federation? How imminent is an invasion by your estimate?”

ZK: “I could not speak to their larger intentions. Of their motives here in Messier 4, I can only speak this: they are a strike against everything the Federation stands for. The Myriad have interfered in the development of dozens of species, crippling their first warp flights or stepping in to save them from manufactured natural disasters. They then go on to peddle the knowledge of other technically advances species to anyone with the ability to pay, and hold a ruthless monopoly on star travel. Their only saving grace is their phobia of warp travel, instead, preferring to travel their space through a series of stellar gateways sunk in the corona of stars by a long-dead civilisation called The Priors. I have seen with my own eyes what befalls worlds who stand up to the Myriad. The Orion and Ferengi are callous out of greed, the Myriad seems to view it as a sport.”

CL: “How dreadful! That Captain MacDonald has managed to elude them for so long is a testament to the ingenuity of the Traveller crew. Now that a colony has been settled, however, what measures are there to take against exploitation by the Myriad?”

ZK: “The very means by which we are communicating. The Prior’s stellar transit network operates on the same principles as the Phase Space Accelerator that launched the Traveller to Messier 4. By our ingenuity and guile, we have been able to co-opt the terminus in our colony’s star. By doing so, we have denied its use to the Myriad. Their nearest presence is but scant light years away, a trivial distance to you or I. But they have not FTL capable ships. For now, our safety is assured. But you do bring up a point, and one I think your viewers should think on: this is the brave new frontier of the 25th century. What new legends and stories will be told for generations to come, will be from beyond the dusty old manor house we’ve been wandering through for the last three hundred years. Our galaxy is a crowded space, our borders squeezing against our neighbours, with regrettable and avoidable results. I would call upon the people of the Federation…no…no I would call on the people of the Milky Way to join us in Messier 4 and beyond! The Long Jump Project was never to boldly go, and come back. We have come here to stay, to live our lives under the glare of new suns upon new worlds, to become citizens of the universe at large! Petition your Federation Council elects to push for funding to the Long Jump Project, to petition the Starfleet to increase its presence in Messier 4. If only to safeguard the colony and the newfound resources that we will find. This is our next great leap as a civilisation, a rallying call to all wanderers of all epochs and meridians.”

CL: “I regret to inform our viewers and listeners that the allotted ultra-long range bandwidth connection has seemed to peter out. Be sure to join me in lodging protests with Starbase 72 for its negligent allocation of resources for the press.
“However, we here at the Federation News Service do thank Zado Kasmir and all souls of the USS Traveller and SS Acheron for their brave foray into the uncharted waters. Stay tuned for continued FNS coverage on the Long Jump Project as the Federation expands its hegemony beyond our galaxy!”

This has been Cetus Lapetus for FNS, signing off.

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