Rear Admiral Stanley Morgan, Task Force 64 CO

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Stuart. In simming circles, I have been constantly known as Amanda Rose. In real life, I’m an attorney who is licensed in Michigan, New York, and most recently Illinois. I will be hitting the big 5-0 this June and I would swear that I’m only really turning 25. However, my children, wife, and birth certificate say otherwise. Darn facts! Aside from my simming addiction, I have golfing and bridge addictions. While in law school, I became a life master and then a bronze life master. Back then, I was in the top 25% of bridge players. I think I still am but I haven’t checked the ACBL’s website lately.
I am not a good golfer until I’m within 100 yards of the green, which is just about the opposite of everyone else in the world. Now if I could only get a long game, I might be half way dangerous.
On top of that, I have been heavily involved in soccer. I once was considered one of the top 5% of soccer referees in the United States and I have officiated professional women’s games and mens professional games (though, I’ve never been qualified to do it at MLS). Right now, I just assign soccer referees, very occasionally ref, and I am a referee assessor.

What is your favorite Trek series and why?
I like the Original Series the best because without it, we would not have anything else. I also like nostalgia and TOS is definitely something to be nostalgic about. Also, the Original Series framed Roddenberry’s hopes of what the future could be and he utilized the show for purposes of social commentary. Next Generation continued that and would probably be my next favorite. However, I do not care for Enterprise and have yet to see Discovery to even give fair comment on it.

Who is your favorite Trek character and why?
Gosh! How does one pick? I think I would probably lean towards Dr. McCoy. His country doctor mannerisms, as well as his ability to frame the humanitarian aspects of problems was phenomenal. Both in the traditional universe and the Kelvin timeline, McCoy just reflects the best and most optimistic qualities of a human: loyal, selfless, and perseverance.

When and where did you first start simming?
I have been simming since 2002 or 2003 and started in the SLA as Amanda Rose, a human counselor on a Defiant class starship. I thought it was interesting to play a human counselor in the DS9 universe where I imagined that most counselors must be Betazoids. After all, they have the advantage of telepathy and empathy. What would it be like for someone without those gifts to do counseling, I wondered. And so, Amanda Rose was born. Sadly, her crush on the captain went unrequited. He was too into her XO. However, what was more surprising was that nobody in the SLA realized that I was male for the first two years that I simmed, as I played/wrote female characters, exclusively during my first two years of simming. (I cringe when I look at my writing from my first year of simming.)

Where did you get your “start” in Bravo Fleet?
This is all JakeSjet’s fault! I have been out of fleet simming since the SLA breakup after Seth Cotis’ untimely death. I was happily running independent sims until about two or three years ago where I was starting to give up on it because recruiting was difficult and bulletin boards were dying. I saw an ad about a year ago from Sjet on a Facebook sim, chastised him for not asking me to participate in his sims, and was promptly dragged into Bravo Fleet.

What is something you absolutely love about Bravo Fleet?
I love the activity and creativity here. I had been starving for quality writing when I was dragged here and was more than happy to find it, joining at least 4 sims in the first month that I arrived. There are a lot of talented writers here and am happy to share stories with them.

What is it about your role as a member of the BFA that you love?
I’m very new to BFA, only being appointed to Task Force 64 a couple of weeks ago. However, I have to say that I am impressed with the amount of thought, love and care that all of the BFA puts into making Bravo Fleet a place where everyone will want to come. For now, I have just been happy to connect with the TF64 COs and hopefully bring back the excitement to the Task Force.

If you could say anything to the community about Bravo Fleet, what is it?
Task Force 64 is the best Task Force in the Fleet! Well, OK, maybe that was taking things a little far but I am most attracted to TNG and before sims, so 64 was a natural fit for me.
That being said, I think that the Bravo Fleet community is truly unique. Like any large group of people, there are disagreements; however, from what I have seen, Bravo Fleet is a place of inclusion and I think it is wonderful that everyone tries to make Bravo Fleet a place that people want to sim.

What is one idea you would like to see happen with the fleet as a whole?
Ideally, I would like to see the fleet continue to grow. More writers means more people to meet and sim with. Is that not half the reason that we do all of this writing?

What can we expect to come from your purview in the fleet?
Right now, I am busy trying to build Task Force 64 and give it some stability that it has lacked from its inception. We have a great deal of ideas, including building canon for the Discovery Era sims, the Motion Picture Era sims, and the Kelvin sims. I feel like if we can keep all of the diverse sims excited and active, that the need for a TFCO may become superfluous. I could not hope for any greater compliment to my time in service to the Task Force.

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