Admiral Lauren Archer, Task Force 9 Commanding Officer

Tell us a little about yourself.
Alexander is the name, to cause trouble is the game. I’ve been simming for 14 years now and have always had an emphasis on Star Trek. Beyond this I have also done Star Wars, BSG, superhero and grand strategy/nation building roleplaying. In real life I am a Bachelor of Science in European Public Administration and pretty much on the edge of becoming a Master of Arts in International Relations and a Master of Science in European Studies. Beyond this I am also in the process of setting up a new media company and am very politically active, having run as a candidate in two elections so far. As a hobby I am a major fan of RPGs and MMORPGs, also 25 years old.

What is your favorite Trek series and why?
Deep Space 9, I have always liked things dark and while even DS9 in my view is still way too utopian, I do like that it tends to show the more realer side of things and that there is no good and evil but just a lot of people trying to figure out what is best. I do not believe any of the other shows really do that beyond more recently Discovery. Deep Space 9 also didn’t refuse to really make a comment on society at the time and many topics they raised then, still apply today. With sometimes really scary accuracy. Truly a show ahead of its time. Also <3 Sisko.

Who is your favorite Trek character and why?
Ugh, Jadzia is bae and awesome but Sisko is also awesome. I really can’t pick between the two. Both are very well written and have compelling backstories and they both provide great things to the show and franchise. Yeah you’re not making me choose between the two questionnaire maker!

When and where did you first start simming?
Back in 2005 I started in a Dutch simming community called Task Force 254, and to be honest I was the worst and rightfully got banned from there a few months in. After that I started my own group and as of 2009 started exploring the English language side of Trek simming because it felt more natural. Bravo Fleet was one of the first places I joined that year but I only really got involved in BF from 2013 when I took over the Scorpio which I had joined in 2012 as a lowly Ensign Intelligence Officer.

Where did you get your “start” in Bravo Fleet?
Deep Space 14, at the time still in Task Force 9 (I am a creature of habit it seems) though I only really was on there for a few months. The second coming essentially was August 2012 when I joined the Scorpio and I haven’t looked back since.

What is something you absolutely love about Bravo Fleet?
The community, Bravo Fleet has the single best group of humans I have ever had the pleasure of meeting on-line. I have made some great friends here and met so many people who were encouraging in good times and supportive in bad times. It might not be clear on first glance but throughout my life I have often struggled with depression and anxiety. It is being around people like you that has often made me feel better about myself and my life.

What is it about your role as a member of the BFA that you love?
All expensed paid work retreats and Discipline Enhancement Chambers. Kidding aside, being able to help sustain this great community and guide it to even greater heights. I am so incredibly proud of what we have achieved since 2017. At times being BFA is a ton of work, but the pleasure of seeing our family grow, both in size and closeness, as well as our reputation in the community at large rise is a true pleasure.

If you could say anything to the community about Bravo Fleet, what is it?
Keep being yourself, keep welcoming new members, keep supporting those in need and most importantly have fun. You are all amazing people.

What is one idea you would like to see happen with the fleet as a whole?
Personally I’d love for us to open up the fleet to non-Trek RP. While the need for it is a lot less than it has been before due to new Trek on tv, I still feel it is a missed opportunity not to involve other universes. I know a lot of times groups, including us, have tried it in the past it failed, but as a rule those groups, also including us, tended to fail as well. If we take in non-Trek and deal with it the same way we have the rest of the fleet since 2017, I am certain things will go a lot better.

What can we expect to come from your purview in the fleet?
I have always been a supporter of it and I will continue to support it in the BFA and any other body that discusses it.

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