Rear Admiral Domingo Martinez, Task Force 99 Commanding Officer

Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello, my name is J. L. Galloway. (J stands for J) I am 41 years old, happily married and father of 4 children. My current real life job position is Security Supervisor. Which gives me a lot of free time at work to help assist Bravofleet.
I dedicate my work weeks to Bravofleet and a lot of my weekends are dedicated to scouting for my kids. I believe I have found a happy balance between both. When I am not assisting in either of those options, I am going on bike rides with my kids or playing pokemon go.
I love to write star trek. I am a moderately paced writer, may not be the best writer. But I love to help others sims in Bravofleet. I love what Star Trek stands for.

What is your favorite Trek series and why?
I do not have a particular favorite series, I like them all. Each show brings something new to Star Trek. They tell a story with a moral meaning. While I may not have a favorite series, I do have some favorite episodes of Trek. I my favorite episode comes from Star Trek Voyager.
The Episode: “Star Trek: Voyager” Latent Image (TV Episode 1999)
The episode is wonderful, and I love the performances of Robert Picardo, Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan in that episode. The topic of choose, and the topic of humanity, was great. I wish star trek would do more episodes like that one, in future episodes of star trek.

Who is your favorite Trek character and why?
Captain Benjamin Sisko is my favorite character. He was flawed, and imperfect. Yet, he was the most relatable captain a star trek series have gone through. So far with all of the shows, his character has had the most growth. The character development of Sisko was great to see on the air, over the seven year run of Deep Space Nine.

When and where did you first start simming?
Back in 2004 I joined Bravofleet. I started to miss watching new episodes of Star Trek. I started to do some google searches for Star Trek ships, when I saw the Avalon Fleet Yards database. I started to check out the site. I was eager to learn more about this unknown group.
When I started to look at the Fleet, one task force caught my attention. Task Force 63, the Marine Task Force was very appealing to me. Mainly cause I am United States Marine. I joined Task Force 63 as a writer, back in those days I struggled a lot, learning how to write in the third person. Yet Brigadier General Jason Wilde of Starbase 72. He was the commanding officer of the Starbase.

Where did you get your “start” in Bravo Fleet?
I started as a CO in Bravofleet in 2005. The sim at the time, was under the command of Admiral Phelan Ward. I was given command of the USS Liberator, a small defiant Class Starship assigned to Beta Task Group, with Task Force 38. At first I was overwhelmed with the role, and not sure how to proceed with the sim, but eventually I settled into the sim. Over that ten year run, we went through several ship variations, eventually landing on Meshkenet Station, before retiring the sim out in 2015.

What is something you absolutely love about Bravo Fleet?
The writers, the people who log in to sims, and write stories. I love reading the creativity and imagination of our writers within in this fleet. I love interacting with them in some of those sims. These writers make me want to write even more. I am a firm believer the story comes before OCC Chat. I also love how these same type of writers, allow for character development. It is great to see the character grow.

What is it about your role as a member of the BFA that you love?
This is a hard one to answer, there is nothing that I particular that I love about the role. I believe the role of the BFA Member, is to manage his or her team. To help administrate the group. Help resolve conflicts, award players and sims for adhering to the rules. I believe a member is more like being a service worker. Helping the greater good. I like to help others, in real life I am a scout leader (Volunteer) and a supervisor (Work), both allow me an opportunity to help others. I love to help in general. If there was one thing I love about the BFA, it’s the ability to help others, that brings great joy to my heart.

If you could say anything to the community about Bravo Fleet, what is it?
I would tell them, that Bravofleet has a rich development of characters and writers. That each writer, loves to write Star Trek. We have a 20 year plus history of telling great stories. Our community is passionate, and interactive on our public discord service. Our staff in the fleet are very engaging with their community, and encourage all to come check out the fleet.

What is one idea you would like to see happen with the fleet as a whole?
I would love to see us expand, to develop another Task Force. The more writers we have, the more opportunities we have for character growth and development. This will allow us to expand even more on our fleet canon. And allow more writers, a place to call home.

What can we expect to come from your purview in the fleet?
A commitment to be available to everyone during the week, and partially on the weekends. I believe communication and visibility is key to a good group. I am always open to chat, to anyone at any time. I am always available as well.

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