Vice Admiral Yewande Banda, Task Force 93 Commanding Officer

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am Jacob, yet most people know me in BF as beeman. My primary characters are VADM Yewande Banda, TF93CO; CAPT Akio Tachibana, USS Hawaii CO; and Vritika Chakrabarti, the Federation Secretary of Defense. I do play a host of other characters throughout the fleet ^.^.
Outside of the fleet, I am a law student and member of the USAF, essentially cross-training to become a JAG. I will be graduating in May, so I am looking forward to new adventures! When I am not writing, I am usually relaxing with friends or playing video games, focusing mostly on grand strategy games like CK2. I have recently picked up CS:GO again though.

What is your favorite Trek series and why?
My favorite Trek series is TOS because that was the first Star Trek series I saw and got me hooked. TOS also started it all.

Who is your favorite Trek character and why?
I would have to say Spock. Spock controls his emotions so well, something I strive to do, especially, now that I am about to be a lawyer :). I also enjoy Spock’s strategic and logical thinking. For him, it is all about efficiency, yet he does care about his crew. He just shows it in different ways. The relationship Spock has with Kirk is evidence of Spock’s heart.

When and where did you first start simming?
I first started simming right here in TF93 back in the late 90s when I was in middle school. My first post was as CMO aboard the USS Denmark, then under the command of Admiral Grant, TF93 CO. I played Ensign Javok and eventually took command of the Denmark after Grant and became the TF63XO after a brief stint in TF86 under Admiral Thomas Wolfe.

Where did you get your “start” in Bravo Fleet?
See above ;). I will say I took a couple of breaks since I started simming in BF. I recently returned around Sep 2017 as I wanted to write about something other than case law and wanted to get back to my hobby of Star Trek RPGing.

What is something you absolutely love about Bravo Fleet?
I love the people and how each of us has our origination story in BF. Even today, I encounter simmers who started simming the same time I did, and we reminisce about older COs, sims, storylines, etc. It is also neat to see how BF canon has grown over the years.

What is it about your role as a member of the BFA that you love?
I actually didn’t expect to be a member of the BFA, yet am humbled by the confidence y’all have put in me. I will say I enjoy making simming more enjoyable for all of us. BF has really grown from our younger years to be a much more collaborative fleet both in its administration as well as our storylines.

If you could say anything to the community about Bravo Fleet, what is it?
BF is an amazing result of talented simmers working together to write unique stories. I am continuously amazed by some of our posts that I read along with the very real characters we have. Our fleet has also grown into a community that is full of camaraderie. I look forward to what the future of BF holds.

What is one idea you would like to see happen with the fleet as a whole?
I’d like to see an expansion of leadership opportunities for simmers at the fleet-level. This is a core tenet of mine that I have exercised in TF93, creating an Operational Staff to assist in the IC storyline development along with the various theater and sector commands to lead our storylines.

What can we expect to come from your purview in the fleet?
I may be biased, yet I think TF93 is leading the way in integrating our storylines into one cohesive story. None of our storylines continue in a vacuum, and the monthly Operations & Intelligence (O&I) Brief allows information to be exchanged across the storylines. The map for the O&I truly gives you a snapshot of what each sim in TF93 is doing. The TFSS and TF Operational Staff are working to beef up the information exchange, getting it cataloged in the BF InfoBase, and integrating sim developments into the story arc. I am really excited for what the rest of this year holds as we start to move from the “walk” phase to the “run” phase of many of our projects.

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