Bravo Fleet Academy

Since its launch in 2015, Bravo Fleet’s CO Academy has provided an excellent training ground and curriculum for new and veteran game managers alike. Over 150 players have benefitted from the program to date.

We, unfortunately, have not been able to keep up with changing trends in the simming landscape, nor the software the fleet now uses. A committee has been formed to review and update the present course material. In its evaluation, the committee has decided to completely revamp, rewrite and expand our present offerings. Not only can the membership look forward to an updated CO Academy, but various electives and more. A Player Academy is also in development to provide excellent training to those new to simming as a whole.

In order to accommodate these changes, the Bravo Fleet CO Academy is to be suspended effective immediately. There will be no more enrolments to the Moodle, and all existing enrollments will be ended.

Those who are currently enrolled and working towards completing the academy will not need to worry about finishing their courses as completing the Academy is no longer mandatory per our by-laws. Once the new Academy is completed, with not just GM courses but Player courses too, the Academy will be relaunched, with emphasis on the Academy as a whole, not just the GM course.

Thank you for your understanding while the Academy undergoes its remodeling. The Academy Committee is committed to providing exemplary education as we continue to keep Bravo Fleet to be your premier Star Trek simming environment.

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