A New Addition to Task Force 64

August 27, 2018 0

It is my pleasure to announce the latest addition to Task Force 64, Captain Sebastian Farrell and the Starship Achilles! The year is 2158 and the United Earth Coalition is on the verge of defeat at Read More

Byline The Kelvin Universe

August 14, 2018 0

Dear Reader, In case you’re wondering, no, Samanth Andrea Turnbull didn’t use a drop of red matter to sidestep into the Kelvin Universe. She’s still alive and well and attached to Task Force 93. But Read More

TF64 Welcomes the USS Legacy!

August 10, 2018 1

As my first official act as Task Force Commanding Officer, it is my pleasure to welcome Amanda Rose, aka Commander Cynthia Jackson, and the USS Legacy to Task Force 64! The Legacy is TF64’s first, Read More

A Grand Occasion!

August 10, 2018 0

On behalf of the BFA today, we have some very exciting news to share. At the start of 2017, Bravo Fleet was shrinking, hurting, suffering. Over the course of the year, the BFA made some Read More