A New Senior Staff

December 1, 2018 0

Hello all, It is with a distinct pleasure and privilege that I announce two changes to the Task Force 9 Senior Staff. First of all the position of Task Force Executive Officer. Over the past Read More

Welcoming the God of Elusive Sea Change

September 5, 2018 0

To go where no one has gone before… Following the discovery of the Reliquary and the large database it contains Starfleet has tasked a specialized unit, the Advanced Science, Technology & Research Activity (ASTRA) under the Read More

The Ride of Your Life

August 29, 2018 0

Greetings citizens! It is with great pleasure that Task Force 9 welcomes a Commanding Officer back to the centre seat. Over the past months Sean has worked tirelessly on a new concept for an older Read More

TF9 April Sim of the Month

June 16, 2018 0

This month I have the pleasure to talk to the CO of the USS Altai, Captain Osegan Trenna aka Nicholas aka @Teix, which was Taskforce 9’s April Sim of the Month. Thank you for taking Read More

“I Feel Like it is My Home”

April 15, 2018 0

This month I had a chance to sit down with a good friend both in and out out gaming. Clinton. Thanks for agreeing to sit down and talk. First for the readers lets link you Read More

Pursuing A New Canon

July 25, 2017 0

With the Consortium reduced to a relatively minor group it is time for Task Force 9 to pursue a new canon. As some of you may know the concept for a new canon has been Read More

Task Force 9 Welcomes the Altai!

July 19, 2017 0

It is with great pleasure that I announce a new addition to our Task Force. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander Osegan Trenna (known by most people as Teix) the Steamrunner USS Altai will be Read More

Return of the Solstice

February 13, 2017 0

It is with great pleasure that I get the chance to welcome back an old face to Bravo Fleet and Task Force 9, QuodEroSpero has applied to once again command the USS Solstice within our Task Force Read More

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