Changes to the Bravo Fleet Admiralty

Hello everyone,

As we conclude the first month of the new year, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty has several changes to announce.

Camila (Vice Admiral Michael Aravan) has decided to step down as the Task Force 99 Commanding Officer. While we regret her decision, we respect it and wish her all the best in her future adventures as both the CO of the Triumphant, within Bravo Fleet at large and of course life. Her Task Force Executive Officer, JL Galloway(Commodore Domingo Martinez) will take over as Task Force Commanding Officer. His current character is hereby promoted to Rear Admiral.

Tara (Rear Admiral Mystery Ellis) has decided to resign as Community Relations Officer, we likewise respect her decision and wish her all the best. TheCaptain (Commodore Nathaniel Jackson) will take over the role of Community Relations Officer with his new character Rear Admiral Emerson Gray.

We wish both JL Galloway and TheCaptain the best in their new roles and welcome them to the Bravo Fleet Admiralty

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