Command Changes in TF72

Happy February, everyone!

The Alpha Quadrant has never been busier. At the present, we have two very active Task Force storylines, and a myriad of smaller ones in which multiple sims are banding together. On top of that, in recent months, we have seen rapid growth to the Task Force with no end in sight.

In order to support and cultivate our growth, the TFSS sought applicants to bolster its effectiveness. We received four very well-written applicants from four extremely qualified individuals. In the end, the bylaws prevented us from bringing everyone on board.

In reviewing these applications, the Task Force Senior Staff elected to restructure our Task Force and add a 4th Task Group. In addition to Task Force Athena, Hecate, and Hermes, we are pleased to announce the launch of Task Group Artemis! All of our sims were shuffled around to handle the new Task Group.

Task Force Athena, now supervised by our Task Force XO, Commodore Gareth Tau (wizardbeard), is focused on the activities in the Inconnu Expanse. On the roster:

  • Indigo Rose
  • USS Ark Royal
  • USS Hope
  • USS Magellan
  • USS Pandora

Task Group Hermes, commanded by Captain Kennedy Harper (Joey), is now focused on Task Force Operations and Infrastructure. On the roster:

  • Assembly Hall of Ashalla
  • Law Enforcement Team 72
  • Starbase 72
  • Starfleet Academy: Bajor Campus
  • Vidal Fleet Yards

Task Group Hecate, our Office of Special Investigations team, welcomes Captain Benjamin Ingram (JakeSjet) as its Task Group Commanding Officer. On the roster:

  • Canopus Station
  • Memory Theta
  • USS Pioneer
  • USS Traveller
  • USS Trenton

Task Group Artemis, our Exploration Task Group, welcomes Captain Colby Drayton (Kai) as its Task Group Commanding Officer. On the roster:

  • Roosevelt Station
  • USS Atlantis
  • USS Kitsune
  • USS Nogura
  • USS Standing Bear

We are excited to have both JakeSjet and Kai on the team. We look forward to implementing the amazing ideas they presented both In and Out of Character. Please make them both feel welcome in their new roles!

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