December 2018 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the December 2018 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lt. Camila di Pasquale, USS Black Hawk;
Camila always finds angles to get involved with the main or side plots, her posts are always engaging, she constantly is researching new things to add to the sim and our database, and she continues to be a valued member of the sim.
Lt JG Konebak Zek, USS Columbus;
He’s done a great job with characterization and jumped right into the story, managing to get himself thrown in the brig just after arrival.
Lt. JG S’leyvas R’pas, USS Amaterasu;
Although brand new to Amaterasu Sean has come out [of] the gates running. Already shaking things up with a quirky and unique take on a less commonly played species. Not only has he brought this life to his character IC but to our discord and OOC communications. Quick with ideas for posts or a silly saying he’s become a valued member of our team!
Commander Tara Neprem, USS Nogura;
As XO, Commander Neprem has been a driving force In Character. The Nogura’s command team have completed a whole host of posts together that have really directed, driven, concluded and now begun missions and storylines. Appointing her XO at the time of the sims change of command and subsequent transfer to 72 was the best decision the CO could have made.
Lt Cmdr. Temerant Bast, USS Sentinel;
Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast, my XO, for being always active, working hard with me on the simm and providing constant support.
Lt. Cmdr.Rasahni Korra, USS Taniwha;
The player never fails in her job as Executive Officer and prolific writer, driving others to do better, while interweaving her own character’s back story into the fold without making it seem forced. It’s been a pleasure to have her aboard and write with her for as long as most of us on the Taniwha have.

Simulation of the Month

USS Ride;
The Ride continues to set an example in both performance, quality of writing and diversity of species played. The storylines it engages on are compelling and the arc-design is bound to enthrall both the crew and other readers.
USS Yorktown;
USS Mercury;
The USS Mercury was the most active simulation in the Task Force for the fourth quarter of 2018. Her crew is active and consistent in their posting. The TFSS looks forward to seeing where they go in 2019.
Memory Theta;
Task Force 72 is home to a myriad of sims, and at the center of the unusual is Memory Theta. This is not a handicap by any means for this sim as it received the popular vote among all of our nominations for the month. It’s one thing to be noticed by another for the fine writing that takes place on this sim, but it’s another to be lifted up by a deafening roar by multiple COs in the Task Force. Well done!
USS Devonshire;
My sim of the month nomination is USS Devonshire. The sim has done well to turn things around and become an active sim again. Well done Devonshire!
USS Devonshire – The sim is nominated by myself due to their contribution with the joint mission at Hawaii and their activity noted on their website.
USS Triumphant;
USS Triumphant has been providing quality posts with missions that keep me on the edge of my seat.

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