Don’t Fight the Law / You Can’t Win

Pirates, smugglers, and war protesters beware! There’s a new sheriff in town. In the face of escalating political tensions in the Inconnu Expanse and Gavarian Corridor as well as pockets of civil unrest popping up across the quadrant, the Law Enforcement Team 72 has risen to notoriety. Most of Starfleet’s Law Enforcement Teams perform border security actions such as interdiction and investigative services for Starfleet Security, but LET 72 has ridden the wave of current events to surpass them all.

Before the mass public even knew who Freedom’s Legion was, LET 72 was already hot on the trail of a protest leader believed responsible for hijacking a civilian yacht and inciting violence which led to the deaths of three protesters. As if that was not enough to test their mettle, the team was handpicked by task force senior staff to serve as its security detail during a peace summit with representatives of the Alrakis Pact near the border of the Inconnu Expanse. And all within a scant couple of months since being formed!

The secret sauce behind the team’s rising star is its commanding officer, one Lieutenant Heather Kowal. Orphaned as a toddler, she set her sights on the Starfleet Academy and never looked back. Her first assignment straight out of graduation was as Chief of Security on a small Defiant class escort cruiser, the USS Valiant. Word has it she was in line for Executive Officer before Starfleet Security came calling with its offer to lead the newly formed and now preeminent LET 72.

Lieutenant Kowal is just the tip of the iceberg. LET 72 has JAG representatives, cryptologists, investigative specialists, gunner’s mates, forensics experts, dedicated pilots, and any other sort of personnel one could possibly need in the line of duty. And needed they will be. LET 72 does not merely track one mission after another like a standard starship. Like planetary law enforcement agencies, LET 72 must juggle multiple assignments at once, often splitting its resources in several directions.

Anyone who has an interest in the fast and loose world of Starfleet law enforcement should put in a transfer immediately. With their recent successes under the belt and with no sign of slowing down, LET 72 will indubitably be in the middle of the action in the Alpha Quadrant for ages to come.

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