Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun!

The Alpha Quadrant certainly does not lack any excitement. Between rising tensions with the Alrakis Pact, as well as the emergence of the Freedom’s Legion which threatens to disrupt life as we know it within the Federation, Starfleet still manages to hold true to exploring new worlds and encountering strange civilizations.

To that end, Starfleet has commissioned the USS Standing Bear under the command of Captain Serenity Nash (Star Geek). Ready for its maiden voyage, the Standing Bear has been ordered to the Athegan Rift on a complex mission of exploration, diplomacy and evaluation of the worlds that are suing for membership. Not an easy job especially when you throw in the Dyavek Hon, home-grown terrorists with their own agenda, pirates who seek to strip the rift of its vast resources, and oh yeah, there’s that wormhole.

On the Homefront, Task Force 72 has reactivated Roosevelt Station, a facility with a long history in the Fourth Fleet. The aging Nor station is currently undertaking much needed repairs while the activity in the Inconnu Expanse heats up on Roosevelt’s doorstep. Roosevelt Station is under the command of Brigadier General Leah Katana (Jewel).

Please join me in welcoming both the Standing Bear and Roosevelt Station to Bravo Fleet!

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