Enter Nogura

The Task Force 72 leadership has failed so spectacularly that Starfleet Command has been forced to redirect additional forces to shore up the defenses left open by the task force’s underwhelming senior staff. Fortunately for an Alpha Quadrant faced with the looming threat of being surrounded on all sides by the Alrakis Pact in addition to the traditional threats, the USS Nogura has come to our rescue. As a ship of the line with a storied history in the Gamma Quadrant, the Nogura is no stranger to adventure, battle, or intrigue.

During the Consortium Crisis, it was the Nogura which opened the wormhole and made the way for Starfleet reinforcements which ultimately restored access to Federation territory in the Gamma Quadrant. Unfortunately the Nogura’s former captain, one Nathan Hunter, masterminded many of the Consortium plots, including an underground communications relay that buffered Consortium activity in the sector. The ramifications of the communications relay’s discovery have yet to be revealed, but let us now turn our gaze closer to home.

The Nogura’s current commanding officer and one of Hunter’s successors, Captain Thalek th’Zorati, has pursued the rogue agent’s schemes into the Gavarian Frontier. Coupled with Hunter’s flight to the Alpha Quadrant which is what has brought the Nogura to the Alpha Quadrant, evidence has come to light that a Benzite traitor named Monok has conspired with the Order of 12. Is the Consortium seeking allies within the Alpha Quadrant? If so, the Nogura will no doubt root them out once and for all, in addition to thwarting whatever nefarious collusion Monok, Hunter, or whomever else may have wrought with the Cardassian Twelver extremists.

Data leaks suggest that several ships active in the Gavarian Frontier may render aid and assistance, such as the USS Ulysses whose current mission also pertains to the Order of 12. We shall be keeping a close eye on all mission reports and logs from both vessels should another fabled tale unfold in our own backyard.

Though why any self-respecting Starfleet captain would voluntarily place themselves under the command of such galactic embarrassments as the troglodyte Admiral O’Connell and his neo-fascist number two Commodore Tau is a mystery to this reporter, Task Force 72 should count itself fortunate that the Nogura has arrived to protect its flanks and pull the bacon out of the fire. Should any existing Starfleet personnel decide to transfer up or ambitious, bright-eyed cadets seek a prestigious first assignment, they ought look no further than the sterling USS Nogura which has indeed become the stuff of legends.

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