Enter the Vortex

Task Force 99 is not unlike the Tal Shiar or Section 31. It is a name of
an officially non-existent and autonomous clandestine organization which
protects the security interests of the United Federation of Planets
while respecting the Temporal Prime Directive. Task Force 99 is made up
of explorers, seeking answers to history’s long asked questions, and
exploring alternative realities to learn what may have happened were
choices different. CO are recruited under the strictest of guidelines
where attitude under varying domains are measured. COs are given a
device which allows them to summon a “vortex” which gives them access to
the Manheim Temporal Research Facility, an HQ stationed in any alternate
universe in the year 2422. It is here where they can share knowledge
about their reality, universe, timeline, or accept missions – using the
Manheim’s “vortex” to travel across time and space with infinite
possibilities. The Manheim Temporal Research Facility is what unites
Task Force 99; the hub which connects us all – allowing COs throughout
the Task Force to meet, collaborate, mission build, and to ultimately go
boldly, “Beyond the Bounds of Space and Time!”


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