Has Columbus Gone Over the Edge?

Continuing my series on exposing the underbelly of the incompetence of Starfleet at the highest levels, I bring you news from what was the USS Columbus. The USS Columbus was supposed to operate out of the Delta Quadrant. It never made it. Attacked by Orions, the ship barely survived and was scrapped.

At the investigation, numerous facts came out that should disturb any rational person. First, the destruction of the USS Columbus might have been preventable. Its Captain, Milo Tora violated basic military law and was drunk while on duty. Rather than being drummed out of the service, Milo Tora was merely demoted to the XO of the new USS Columbus A, a Titan class starship formerly known as the USS Valkyrie. Why is this man in charge of anything?

While Lieutenant Commander Ronan Chane appears to be a competent officer, his judgment is questionable. When he was promoted from Chief of Security to the Executive Officer of the Columbus, he chose Lieutenant Ba’zra Jennings as the new Chief of Security. Ba’zra Jennings used to be a science officer in Starfleet. However, she has a long history of physical violence against crewmates. In fact, she was drummed out of the scientific community after striking a fellow crewmate. Later in her career, she struck her Captain as a Security Chief and received a reprimand and a demotion. So, it was no surprise when Ronan Chane also reprimanded Ms. Jennings and threw her in the brig for a confrontation with a crewmember. Yet, Ronan Chane has selected her as his personal XO of the Pearl. How does one explain this behavior?

If one considers Ba’zra Jennings’ temperament an issue, she looks like an angel compared to Konebak Zek. This Xinti Insectoid has a temper that is so bad that he ripped out a computer panel and disengaged holodeck safety protocols so that he could feel the rush of battle against Klingons. One wonders why he would choose allies to battle. Not to mention that within hours of setting foot on the ship, he was reprimanded and sent to the brig for refusing to obey commands. Yet, he too remains on the ship.

Certainly psychological counseling is needed for this crew. Even the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Marcus Alexander has needed counseling. Yet, he has purposely been skipping his sessions.

Perhaps this is why Starfleet has taken the unusual measure of granting a marine the command of this ship. Or, perhaps, Starfleet feels that it is in a no lose situation when it takes this measure. If Colonel Drass Kebron fails, then Starfleet loses a crew that would not survive elsewhere. If he succeeds, Starfleet Command looks like it made a brilliant choice and the crew is rehabilitated.

Once more information is known, further reports will follow.

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