Interview with a Bravo Fleet Command Council members – Part one of three.

For the next three month, you will be able to read an interview with the current Bravo Fleet Command Council members. This month will be dedicated to Greenfelt22 also know as Greenie-Frog Lord-his Frogginess and so on. Greenfelt22 play Admiral Zachary O’Connel.

So what was your first sim as a simple player and from there as a CO when you joined BF?

I first joined the USS Columbia in Task Force 72 as Lieutenant JG Timothy Parker, Chief Engineering Officer. From there I started branching out to some other sims in each of the Task Forces. But it was my adventure aboard the USS Sovereign in Task Force 9 as Chief Engineer, then Executive Officer that led me to the center seat. Just a year after I first joined Bravo Fleet, I applied as CO of the USS Black Hawk in Task Force 9.

When you started, the task force were different than they are now. If you could change something from that past concerning them, which decision would you make now that you’re a member of the Bravo Fleet Command Council?

Bravo Fleet has changed a lot in the last six years I’ve been around. I originally stepped up to a BFA-level position just a couple years ago as Community Relations Officer. I really had no desire to become a member of the BFA as I’d already had my hand in fleet leadership in a former organization I was a part of. The only reason why I did step up was that I’d seen a lot of change in the few years I’d been in Bravo Fleet at the time, and not all of it was good. Thankfully, the fleet is in a much better position now than it was a few years ago. As for what decision, or decisions, I would make now? As a member of the BFCC, I can’t act alone. What I am doing is working with the BFA to continue to foster and rebuild the community that I was attracted to back in 2012. In many ways, I see elements of that community back and better than ever, and in other aspects, I see we still have a ways to go. It’ll probably always be a work in progress considering how much the community has changed even over the last two years.

Merely as a insight for old member or new one who may have come to us from other fleet,  in which fleet were you before BF?

Alpha Quadrant Simulation Group or the AQSG, it no longer exists because everyone moved on.

As you said yourself, many change were made in the past and some were not for the best. In your opinion, which change that you said was not for the best, could have been the worse one for Bravo Fleet?

It takes a lot to admit fault in things. I don’t think there’s been a case where we’ve made a bad decision, much less a really bad one. The Quarterly Reports were a good addition from the onset, as were the workgroups from last year. There’s so many good things from the last few years that I really have to dig down deep and look for something that just didn’t work. I know one of my happier decisions was the community deciding the 4:1 timeline wasn’t a good idea after all as it really slows things down. But that one’s in the past.

I think probably our biggest challenge currently is consistency. For all of us, simming is a hobby. There are those of us that can devote more time than others. And there are those of us that get blindsided by a sudden change in real life, whether that’s a family change, or some sort of natural disaster, or a class load was going to be heavier than you thought. It affects players, it affects COs, and it certainly affects BFA. You’ll get a BFA member who has a great thing going, and then all of a sudden it stops, not because of choice, but because of personal necessity. That’s where I’d really like to see the community band together. If there’s something you see that you like, such as infobase updates, cool things the FNS is doing, etc., then jump in there. What’s the old saying? The more the merrier? You don’t need to be BFA to affect change.

Without giving the reader too much spoiler, what can you say about the BFCC future plan for Bravo Fleet?

I hate to correct a misnomer here, but the BFCC doesn’t dictate what the fleet does. Each one of us has a role on the BFA. Two of us are TFCOs, and another is our Community Relations Officer. We encourage ideas to come from any of the BFA positions, and we know ideas come from those under those BFA members as well. If we have a future plan, it’s just that we simply want to continue making things better for everyone. We’re not in this for ourselves. We’re in this for all of you. That’s why we conduct surveys and hang out with new and veteran players alike. The moment we disconnect ourselves from the membership is the moment the fleet starts falling apart. I personally never want to lose that connection.

We’re all in this together.

So from your answer, what is the role of the BFCC inside of the fleet?

We don’t direct the fleet, we guide it. Parts of it aren’t glamorous, like dealing with the occasional player dispute or everyone’s current favorite, GDPR. Our ears are always open, looking for needs within the fleet and trying to make adjustments before the community knows it’s needed. Our goal is to make the fleet to best it can be, so our job is to continuously be listening and just keeping making it better.

Lastly before I let you return to your duty, do you have a wish or an idea you would love to see be made true on Bravo Fleet, a personal one even if its selfish in some way?

A wish? An Idea? A selfish one even? Hmmm… Does keeping my legs safe from being eaten count? In all seriousness, I’d love to see more sims writing together. Do I think every sim in the fleet should get down on one shared story? No. One of my favorite memories in Bravo Fleet so far has been the Consortium arc in Task Force Nine. At the peak, I think we had six or seven sims participating in the arc, each one handling a small piece of the big puzzle. It was really fun, as was the final battle. And, I’m starting to see that type of collaboration being taken to the next level in TF72 with the freshly launched Alrakis Pact. I think five of us collectively worked on the idea, and several others are taking advantage of what it has to offer the TF and the fleet already. It’s my goal to make sure everyone hears those stories too.

I’ll throw a second wish in here too. One of the greatest memories I’ve had so far has been FallFest from last year, seeing so many writers from different genres come together just to talk about the craft and not what we did on our sims. I’m hopeful Bravo Fleet will put on a few events of its own, not just for our membership, but for the community at large as well. We just need a few volunteers to help out. After all, such things are team efforts, not individual ones.

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