Is Faltan Station in the Right Hands?

The Federation News Service tasked me, Candy Templeton, with investigation Faltan Station, its operation, and the various entities that interact with it. What I have discovered is highly disturbing. My report follows.

Commanded by Captain Horatio Refelian, Faltan Station is the epitome of disaster waiting to happen. While Rear Admiral, Yewande Banda, agreed that Faltan Station is critical to the Raeya Sector, he seems oblivious to the actual events that have occurred on the station to date. Upon taking charge of the station, Captain Refelian ignored his then Security Chief Bradley Damon’s warning to bring security with him and his crew when meeting with the Faltans. Because he ignored his Security Chief’s warning, he was shot by a still, unknown assailant. Although the Faltans are suspected, Captain Refelian has no solid leads and has not been able to cooperate with the Faltans in obtaining their assistance in an investigation.

While Captain Refelian was unable to perform his station duties, his Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Prescott took charge with Lieutenant Commander M’Mira, the Chief of Operations and Second Executive Officer taking the Acting Executive Officer position. While Captain Refelian believes that the two performed admirably and is planning on giving both officers commendations, the truth is an entirely different proposition. While building the Romulan Embassy, Lieutenant Commander M’Mira, with security still not being beefed up, allowed the Romulan Ambassador’s wife, Nevala e-T’Daran thu’S’Terion, to be kidnapped. Perhaps she was too busy doing her nails with her trademark red nail polish with some variation of silvery designs to sufficiently secure the Romulan Embassy?

While Nevala e-T’Daran thu’S’Terion was eventually returned to the Romulans, Lieutenant Commander Abigail Prescott, or Mint, as she prefers to be called, was busy taking charge of the station in her own way. She entered into a romantic relationship with Captain Refelian. Whether the Captain fell under the spell of her Orion heritage or entered into it without any influence is anyone’s guess. The Captain confirmed the relationship but refused to say anything more about it in his interview. While the Captain claimed that he had nothing to hide, he also refused to comment on his relationship with his Executive Officer or the rumors that Lieutenant Commander Prescott used her influence to become pregnant with Captain Refelian’s child to further solidify her hold on the Station’s command.

While Captain Refelian has stated that he has taken steps to approve security, it seems that his efforts are like closing the barn doors after the animals have already escaped. Not to mention that shortly after the Opening Ceremonies, a Klingon ship crash landed into the station. That investigation is still pending. Commander M’Mira is in charge of that investigation. Where Commander Prescott is, while this investigation is ongoing, is currently unknown.

Beyond the Command Staff, issues still are evident. Former Chief of Science, Lieutenant Mika Rai’z resigned under suspicious circumstances. Recently promoted Chief of Engineering, Lieutenant Commander Catrina (Cat) Tendai arrived at the station six days late. Until Faltan Station, she had never held a Chief position, so one wonders what she did to earn the title. Not to mention that she believes that all of the StarFleet Engineers that created the Station wired it falty and re-wired the entire station. Despite her rocky personal past, she seems to have found a love interest in the intelligence field.

Also curious is the deployment of the marines at Faltan Station. While, at this time, most of the marines have been unwilling to discuss matters with me, Major Sam Braddock did give a few statements. As he confirmed, the marines are ground pounders. So, why are they are at Faltan Station? Is it StarFleet’s intent to invade Faltan or are they using Faltan Station for a staging ground?

Certainly the Ambassadors are nervous. The Romulans believe that they have arrived at the station before it was suitably ready. And while the kidnapping of Nevala e-T’Daran thu’S’Terion seems to have been handled to their satisfaction, one wonders why the Romulans have not taken some sort of action against the Faltans if they were truly involved. The Romulans have always played matters close to the chest and more investigation is required on this topic. However, it does not appear, at this time, that Captain Refelian has anything to share with the Romulans in that investigation.

The Cardassian Union has their fabled Rakena Kejaad at Faltan Station. She has been even more reticent to share her purpose at being at Faltan Station. One thing is certain, she is reluctant to talk about her experience with the Romulans. She dresses exquisitely, taking her influences from human and Andorian cultures beyond her own. When she has worn clothing to a formal event, she has it archived. One wonders where she gained such wealth. When inquiring into why she was here, she refused to answer, requesting that all future questions be pre-approved by her undersecretary. What is making the Cardassians so nervous? One can only ponder the possibilities.

Despite the obvious problems at Faltan Station, junior officers appear to have a great deal of respect for the staff. Another possibility is that junior officers have been instructed not to say anything negative about their superior officers. In interviewing Lieutenant Shorish, a Caitian engineer, he seemed visibly uncomfortable when questioning him regarding Lieutenant Commander M’Mira. Similarly, Ensign Shannon Cosantior, gave a very reluctant answer of the staff, stating that everyone, “seems highly competent and I look forward to the opportunity to serve with them.”

Regardless of the answer that the Ensign gave, my audience can be certain that I will do whatever it takes to get to the truth of all of these stories.

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