It’s December Already…

It’s December already!

It’s been an adventure over the last 12 months, with lots of big changes.

Back in May, we began the long process of drafting new policies to align with the then forthcoming GDPR legislation. Then in July, FNS was rebranded and re-released, becoming the official announcement platform for Bravo Fleet, and then in July, for the first time in a great many years, we opened a new Task Force, 64. It was a joyous occasion for not just the sims involve, but for the fleet in general.

As is customary, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty would like to thank you all for joining us for another year. Without each and every single player in our fleet, none of us would be here, and for that, we thank you.

A couple of other announcements are in order.

  • Following the long and arduous effort of drafting various privacy and intellectual property policies, the BFA adopted them as permanent policy and implemented them as By-Law #4.
  • We adopted a new policy in regards to the the declaration of inactive sims, specifically concerning how long a sim can remain in provisional status before becoming inactive.
  • For continued service, contributions and faithfulness to the fleet and Task Force 9, the BFCC has decided to promote Vice Admiral Lauren Archer (Alexander) to the rank of Admiral.
  • For continued service, and maintaining consistent levels of activity, and quality among it’s writers, the BFCC has decided to promote Rear Admiral Yewande Banda (beeman) to the rank of Vice Admiral.
  • For continued service, and maintaining what was once the largest Task Force, and contributed to many BFA discussions, the BFCC has decided to promote Rear Admiral Michael Aravan (Camila) to the rank of Vice Admiral.

The BFA also held its annual BFCC Elections. Of the three existing members, greenfelt22 decided to not run for the position. Aio and Alexander were both re-elected. Beeman, the TFCO of 93, was elected to the BFCC to to take the vacated spot. While greenfelt22 is leaving the BFCC, he will remain as the TFCO of 72.

There are many things in the works for 2019, including some big projects, but more will become clear in the following months.

Thank you, each and every single one of you to make Bravo Fleet as great as it is.

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