July 2018 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the July 2018 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lt. Cmdr. Arjin Djinx, USS Black Hawk;
Lt. Ba’zra, USS Columbus;
Lieutenant Ba’zra (USS Columbus), for jumping into the story feet first and establishing herself as a key member of the crew.
Ensign Haas, Hazard Team 14;
Hazard Team 14: Ensign Haas eagerly contributes to Team 14, keeping the storyline moving where possible, and in doing so, making this Starfleet Corps of Engineers team stay alive deep in the Inconnu Expanse
Lt. Christine Descharmes, USS Shanghai;
A long time member of the simm, she is always a great roleplayer. In the past couple of months she’s proven that in post after post – but more importantly in good communication with other players, ideas for the simm, and behind the scene chats to just make sure everything keeps going smoothly. Communication always makes the simm feel more alive, even when we’re a bit slower than usual and too often goes overlooked with players.
MCPO Tom Barnes, USS Triumphant;
USS Triumphant’s Master Chief Tom Barnes played by greenfelt22. Both in and out of character, the player strives to advance the mission, offers helpful advice and takes up any role he’s needed in.


Simulation of the Month

USS Triton;
USS Perenolde;
The Perenolde, for an astounding 65 posts last month.
USS Kitsune;
The little Saber that could brings an interesting spice to Task Force 72, acting as a testbed for new technologies and such. Its niche has proven successful as the sim has quickly become active. Congrats!
Faltan Station;
Faltan Station has launched into quite an active sim in the Raeya Sector Block, an important part of TF93 canon. Their website looks amazing and the quality of writing is very impressive with countless joint posts between crew, really showing that the crew want to be there, and they want to write together.
USS Mercury;
USS Mercury has the popular vote for sim of the month. It’s a new Discovery era sim and Captain Vin lek Sholorn has came out swinging with a half a dozen posts for the first month.

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