New Director of Communications (N6) Appointed; TF93 Mission Brief Published

Fellow Commanders and crew of TF93,

To streamline communications, CAPT Ryoko Takato has been appointed as the Director of Communications (N6). Communications is the third directorate we are launching as part of our operationalization plan for HQ TF93. CAPT Takato is the former CO of the USS Tornado which secured Starfleet POWs from the Sovereignty of Kahless (SoK). Prior to the daring rescue attempt, CAPT Takato served a period as a POW of the SoK in order to save her crew and we are happy to have her join us as a member of our staff!

Additionally, the HQ staff have put together a handy Mission Brief so it is clear to see our priorities, crews, where we are operating, and how the Operational Staff works with the TF93 Command Staff.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Keep up the good work!

Ever vigilant,

Yewande Banda, RADM, SF
Commanding Officer, Task Force 93

Congratulations to Patrick/BlackWolf, who takes up the Director of Communications mantel! This department will be focused on translating our canon to the InfoBase. If you’d like to join the InfoBase Team, let Patrick or us know! You can reach Patrick at RaWolfe#1483 on Discord.



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