“Not All Who Wander Are Lost…”

With the confirmed success of the USS Traveller, the first Federation starship to reach Messier 4, Project Long Jump has expanded its operations to establish a station to secure the historic foothold outside the galaxy. Project administration has secured a Spacedock which will traverse the Galactic Barrier and some 8,500 light-years via the project’s alpha Phase Space Accelerator, being sent one piece at a time through the stellar slingshot.

Once reassembled on the other side, Canopus Station will serve as a beacon of light illuminating the path home for all who wander far.

Canopus Station will be an exploration sim with many world-building opportunities set in the new Messier 4 region. Its CO is Commander Benjamin Ingram as played by JakeSjet (who also commands the USS Traveller, the pioneering sim for Messier 4).

Welcome to Task Force 72!

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