November 2018 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the November 2018 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lt Cmdr. Artie Talbot, USS Altai;
Artie has grown as a character since the start of the Altai. Originally the Chief Engineer, Artie quickly found himself dragooned into being the Executive Officer. Though this was initially in an acting capacity, it has since been made permanent. Talbot is a reluctant Command officer, and he’s experiencing some growing pains adapting. But from those experiences, he’s experience growth
Lt. Marcus Alexander, USS Columbus;
Lieutenant Marcus Alexander. He had a JP going with almost every member of the crew during the month of November and was the most active player for the month.
Ens. Yan Tia-Jai, Endeavour;
The CO said this: My nomination for the TF64 player of the month goes to Ewan who plays Ensign Yan Tia-Jai. Despite the difficult circumstances his character has found himself in, he always contributes to posts in a timely manner. He’s been on Endeavour for two and a half years now and he’s a great pleasure to have around.
Lt. Cmdr. Tinyo Wann, USS Ark Royal;
The character is awesome to interact with, and the writer behind the character is equally awesome. Happy to have her aboard..
Capt. Jack Colburn, USS Kumari & Lt Kerri Deix, USS Thurgood Marshall;
“Colburn, Despite having two of his own simms to run and his TGCO duties, Steve is always there to lend a hand or add insight into a post or the storyline. Astraea wouldn’t be here now without his continued support!
Deix, For his help in getting me back on my feet with the sim, and in his efforts to help bring the sim back to life and possibly even thrive.”
Lt. Cmdr. T’Leara, Tau Lyrae;
Debra is nominated this month for her excellent writing and playing a large number of NPCs ranging from hilarious to tragic that have enriched the character universe of the sim tremendously.


Simulation of the Month

USS Black Hawk;
The USS Black Hawk continues excelling in world building and overall quality of its writing. The current arc is both engaging and refreshing and it brings light to an area of Task Force canon that has essentially been neglected for years. On its current course the Finnean Convergence Zone and the Black Hawk can be quite truly considered synonymous. A lasting legacy for Task Force 9 that is bound to inspire CO’s for years to come.
USS Perenolde;
The USS Perenolde, for once again putting the rest of us to shame with an amazing 38 posts in the month of November.
USS Mercury;
USS Mercury has my vote for sim of the month. The sim is very active, the sim logs support it.
Canopus Station;
Canopus Station – Canopus is the fruit of a long-term arc exploring life not just outside Federation space, but our galaxy as well. The Messier-4 worldbuilding has taken center stage between Canopus and the Traveller, and has attracted many fantastic writers into its remarkable community.
USS Onnar;
I’d like to nominate the USS Onnar for the award, they have been really a big and positive addition to the Task Force and I really like their storyline. I like what Patrick is doing and his crew all seem to be working well together and there is always a huge amount of creativity and interaction and teamwork going on with that simulation.
USS Taniwha;
USS Taniwha has hit the ground running and is producing many high quality posts and the mission is developing nicely. Since joining Task Force 99, they have posted consistently and the CO is very pleasant to work with.

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