October 2018 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the October 2018 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Lieutenant Bryta Mylo, USS Valhalla;
Despite most actions of this reward having happened in the past month. The quality of this player remains as strong in October. Throughout the LOA of his Commanding Officer and beyond Lieutenant Mylo has kept the Valhalla going both IC and OOC. Posts involving this character are a pleasure to read and as such the player is deserving of the award both IC and OOC.
Lt. JG Kaden Ross, USS Perenolde;
Lieutenant Nirak, USS Mercury;
My nomination for player of the month goes to Kyle who plays Lieutenant Nirak. Of the ten posts we completed in the month of October, he was involved in seven of them. He is always very proactive with replying to posts and he’s even helped to push the mission forward in places. He’s been a real pleasure to have on my sim and I very much appreciate everything that he’s doing to help out.
Lieutenant Arivek Zhuri, USS Traveller;
Arivek isn’t just a great writer, he’s been able to field a great deal of twists and turns thrown his way, as well as carries a responsibility for aiding world building while his character is separated from the main crew.
Ensign Jane Sinclair, USS Shanghai;
Jane Sinclair – Our newest member. This player has been great since the beginning, from day one posting was strong and well written, and as the player found their footing they have begun to start posts with other players, and is really pushing the character into the missions and even beginning to take on roles and fill in the world around the main characters. Not only that, but the player has been engaged out of character since joining as well.
Lt. Cmdr Damien Gardener, MD, USS Taniwha;
The player has taken tried concept of a mix of man and prosthetics and given it a new, fresh and rather unique take with the player’s signature dash of comedy. His posts are evocative and well thought out, enjoyable to read. In-character Damien is a testament to the human ability to survive despite the odds, despite the harrowing mental impact having half your body and organs replaced has on one’s mind and soul. Well done, Damien!


Simulation of the Month

USS Altai;
The Altai has the unique honour of having been nominated unanimously and the nominations are well deserved. The current mission has seen both high character development and one of the best implementations of a first contact scenario I have ever seen. The wealth of new lore will enrich Task Force 9 for years to come and further serves to enrich the rather limited show-canon regarding non-Dominion Gamma Quadrant powers and species.
USS Victory;
USS Mercury;
I would like to recommend USS Mercury for ‘sim of the month.’ I took a moment to look around the site and found it interesting as well as complete. While the wiki only handles the basics, I liked the setup and I really liked how they included a timeline of events (something I’ve been wanting to do). The writing was interesting and it seems that the players are involved.
USS Pandora;
One of 72’s oldest sims has set an incredible standard for the Task Force. Its players are all excellent writers, and it matters not if you’re a veteran or a new player to the sim. Each person contributes and has a chance to participate in epic stories.
USS Kumari;
USS Kumari. This is primarily because I really like what is coming out of the simm with the rogue CO story arc in regards to the Romulan situation. I have read a couple posts from October and found myself quite impressed with what they have been doing over there.
USS North Star;
They have been outstanding in their posting and their story is going strong.

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