On The Record With Zachary O’Connell

The following is the transcript of an on-the-record interview with Admiral Zachary O’Connell, Commanding Officer of Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 72, conducted by Federation News Service correspondent Cetus Lapetus on the leaked intelligence reports regarding the rise an alleged axis of hostile powers and other salacious rumors. Classified or otherwise sensitive information may have been redacted by Starfleet Intelligence and Task Force 72’s Office of Special Investigations.

Admiral Zachary O’Connell, Task Force 72 Commanding Officer, Fourth Fleet Logistics Officer (formerly), Paid Shill (currently)

CL: “Firstly, Admiral, I wish to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to give answer to the startling rumors that have erupted concerning your sector of space. As many of these questions may overlap with one another, allow me to open with a barrage of inquiries. What is the Alrakis Pact? Does it truly exist? What can you confirm of their capabilities? Should the people of the Federation be alarmed?”

ZO: “Let’s slow down just a second, Mister Lapetus. One at a time. What is the Alrakis Pact? We honestly don’t know for sure. All we know at this time is that the Breen Confederacy, Tzenkethi Coalition and the Talarian Empire have declared an intent to work together at this time.”

CL: “Of course, Admiral. It is not unheard of for stellar nations to form treaties with one another. But the Tzenkethi Autarch’s public announcement seems to indicate more than that. Can you speak to the unique nature of this alliance? How imminent is the threat of war?”

ZO: “The Tzenkethi are isolationists, but so were the Breen until the Dominion courted them into the war. As it stands, the Coalition, the Confederacy, and the Talarian Empire don’t have the collective might to wage war. So, is war imminent? I highly doubt it.”

CL: “Expelling diplomats is an act which often precedes war. The Federation is no doubt sending its best ambassadors as we speak, but what contingencies are in place should they fail?”

ZO: “There hasn’t been a single shot fired, not a soul lost, nor someone trying to encroach on Federation space. For there to be war, someone has to shoot first. The Federation will certainly make no attempt to start a war, and if these powers wanted to start a war, they would have done so already.”

CL: “Very interesting. Then what should the good people of the Federation make of reports that Deep Space 7 has been utterly destroyed?”

ZO: “We’re still investigating what really happened at Deep Space 7. Until we know for sure, I’m afraid I cannot comment further.”

CL: “So do you deny at this time reports of alleged ‘Ravagers’ within the Inconnu Expanse?”

ZO: “Have you been reading the tabloids, Mister Lapetus? Space is filled with plenty of mysteries. Until there’s solid proof of any organization calling themselves Ravagers, they simply don’t exist.”

CL: “Darling, to whom do you think you’re speaking? *chuckles* An anonymous official in Starfleet Intelligence has suggested the alleged Ravagers were responsible for the destruction of Deep Space 7. Does SFI know something you don’t?”

ZO: “Suggestions aren’t facts. If SFI wishes to work alchemy, then they are welcome to send any report doing so my way.”

CL: “I see. With the formation of the new Task Group Hecate under the jurisdiction of the Office of Special Investigations, one would expect fewer surprises.  Are there any other areas in which Task Force 72 is lacking intelligence?”

ZO: “I’d say that 72 has its eyes and ears well attuned throughout the quadrant. Despite the surprise reveal of the Alrakis Pact, we have an excellent grasp of the climate in the Alpha Quadrant, and we expect to keep it that way.”

CL: “That is certainly good to hear. What with the lack of response and activity from the task force’s executive officer regarding the recent string of classified operations, I was beginning to worry that Task Force 72 leadership was panicking. Since I have you here, do you have any justification for the actions taken by your Office of Special Investigations?”

ZO: “There’s nothing to confirm or deny. The OSI is perfectly transparent regarding its activities. If anything, they remain true to Starfleet’s mantra, exploring strange new worlds and going beyond the horizon, and not focused on what the Romulans might do tomorrow.”

CL: “Between the recent debacles in the Beta Magellan system and the Inconnu Expanse, the people of the Federation may disagree. Can we announce Commodore Tau’s resignation at this time?”

ZO: “You have an interesting set of priorities, Mister Lapetus. Our focus right now is to ensure that Federation citizens along and in the Inconnu Expanse are tended to thanks to recent events. Every person is needed in those efforts at the present, regardless of stature.”

CL: “On a happier note, rumor has it that Project Long Jump may have signaled its success from Messier-4. Can you elaborate on the expansion of Starfleet’s hegemony beyond the galactic barrier?”

ZO: “It’s not expansion. It’s exploration. The Borg, the Dominion, and whatever awaits us around the corner can’t deter us from everyone’s natural instinct to explore and see what’s out there. Strange new worlds and all. We’ll just say that the Milky Way certainly doesn’t have enough mysteries to satisfy our curiosity.”

CL: “I think I have everything I need. This has been very illuminating, Admiral. Thank you for your time.”

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  1. Who the [EDITED] does that [EDITED] Admiral think he is? When I was just a Commodore, he and I used to go ten [EDITED] rounds before he sent me out for coffee. Now he’s [EDITED] talking to reporters? [EDITED!] When I see him, I won’t split the fleet. I’ll split his [EDITED] head and the reporter, too! [EDITED] is my [EDITED] coffee?! You there, Commodore Whoeveryouare! Coffee! Now!


    Great [EDITED] Job

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