Player & Simulation of the 4th Quarter (2018)!

It’s that time of year again! Selected from the previous 3 months of monthly award winners, here are your 4th Quarter 2018 Player and Simulation Winners!

Player of the Quarter

Colburn, Despite having two of his own simms to run and his TGCO duties, Steve is always there to lend a hand or add insight into a post or the storyline. Astraea wouldn’t be here now without his continued support!

Simulation of the Quarter

USS Black Hawk, the USS Black Hawk continues excelling in world building and overall quality of its writing. The current arc is both engaging and refreshing and it brings light to an area of Task Force canon that has essentially been neglected for years. On its current course
the Finnean Convergence Zone and the Black Hawk can be quite truly considered synonymous. A lasting legacy for Task Force 9 that is bound to inspire CO’s for years to come.

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