Player & Simulation of the Year 2018

Winning a monthly award isn’t easy. Winning a quarterly award isn’t easy, so please take a moment to appreciate how much effort is required to win the Player or Simulation of the year! Please give a huge congratulations to our Player of 2018 and our Simulation of 2018!!!

Player of the Year

Cadet Freshman Class Ivy Sharzin (SFA Bajor) – For showing exceptional character development and taking an active part in the goings on of the sim. Since joining, this individual hasn’t shied away from putting themselves into the thick of it. Ivy has also taken an active role in the fleet’s specs committee, helping to provide accurate and practical baseline statistics and deck listings for our many classes in the fleet.

Simulation of the Year

Task Force 72 is home to a myriad of sims, and at the center of the unusual is Memory Theta. This is not a handicap by any means for this sim as it received the popular vote among all of our nominations for the month. It’s one thing to be noticed by another for the fine writing that takes place on this sim, but it’s another to be lifted up by a deafening roar by multiple COs in the Task Force. Well done!

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  1. I feel very honored for this recognition. I was quite surprised by it, to say the least. Thank you all.

    Ivy Sharzian is a (non-Canon) plant based sentient lifeform that I created for another Sim. When it closed down, I looked for a new home and found a great opportunity for her to grow at the Starfleet Academy: Bajor. I have had a lot of fun with the other writers as I explored Ivy’s unique characteristics.

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