Response to Templeton Editorial


HQ TF93, PFY — Captain Horatio Refelian has the utmost confidence of TF93 in commanding Faltan Station. Regardless of the unsupported allegations made by Ms. Templeton, CAPT Rafelian is not in a personal relationship with his XO, Commander Abigail Prescott. Sometimes, Commanding Officers and Executive Officers may have close working relationships, yet Starfleet officers are duty-bound to never cross the line to an unprofessional relationship.

No Klingon Bird Of Prey has crashed on Faltan. Ambassador T’datroh’s ship had landed on Faltan but has been subject to an unexplained explosion. Faltan Station is conducting an investigation into the cause of the explosion.

Lieutenant Mika Rai’z’s resignation was made for personal reasons and the speculation by Ms. Templeton is merely that. There was no suspicion of misconduct nor nothing untoward that caused LT Rai’z’s resignaton and as a Starfleet officer, it is her prerogative to resign her commission.

Lieutenant Commander Catrina Tendai arrived at Faltan Station prior to her Report No Later Than Date (RNLTD), as prescribed by her orders. The accusations made by Ms. Templeton are unfounded and another example of publishing unsupported allegations. LCDR Tendai is an experienced Engineer and is more than qualified to serve as the Chief Engineer of Faltan Station. If she did not meet the qualifications, she would not have been selected to serve in that position.

Subsequent to her salacious and unfounded reports, VADM Banda has directed CAPT Refelian to revoke Ms. Templeton’s access to the base. Her movements are restricted on Faltan Station, requiring security escort.

Any further inquiries can be directed to the TF93 Public Affairs Office (TF93/PA).

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