Return of the Workgroups!

Happy Taco Tuesday, Bravo Fleet!

Great. Now I’m hungry. I guess I shouldn’t write announcements this close to dinnertime.

But I digress. On behalf of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, it gives me great pleasure to share with everyone some exciting news: the workgroups ARE BACK!

Bravo Fleet’s first dive into workgroups came in early 2017, and they did a great service bringing the community together like never before to address several issues throughout the fleet, and come up with several ideas and enhancements to the community. These groups were designed to be temporary, and they completed their work around spring.

After reviewing the results of the community survey, the BFA felt it necessary to bring a couple workgroups not just back to life, but to make them permanently standing to be an on-going resource for all.

The workgroups we are launching today are…

  • CANON: discuss advancements, expansion, and issues with aspects of Fleet Canon.
  • COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: discuss new methods of engaging the community and its continued exposure.

Unlike the prior workgroups, these are free to everyone. All you need is a forum account, and you will instantly be able to participate. Feel free to come and go as you please. But, please do join us as we collectively work to continue improving the Fleet for yourselves and for the new players we continue to bring on board every week.


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