September 2018 Monthly Awards

Please join me in congratulating the September 2018 Player and Simulation of the Month recipients!

Player of the Month

Cmdr Caspar “CJ” Hervey, USS Trafalgar;
TFCO Nomination: MJ has shown himself a committed and active part of Task Force 9, having transformed his sim into an active and productive member to the Task Force and showing strong commitment to the development of our story he has gone above and beyond what we expect from even a Commanding Officer. He is without a doubt our player of the month for September.
No Nomination
Lt. JG Talib Al-Amin, USS Mercury;
Cadet Freshman Class Ivy Sharzin, SFA Bajor;
Cadet Freshman Class Ivy Sharzin (SFA Bajor) – For showing exceptional character development and taking an active part in the goings on of the sim. Since joining, this individual hasn’t shied away from putting themselves into the thick of it.
LTJG Iria Taltos, USS Hawaii;
This month, I nominate mandolady, more commonly known as Lieutenant Junior Grade Iria Taltos, our Assistant Chief Engineer (ACHENG), although she has a cast of characters aboard. She has shown us unique characters that have sparked her own arcs. An example is Taltos with her background as an Isisean from TOS Episode 26 from Season 2 – Assignment:Earth. She has remained active with her array of PNPCs from ENS Rora Tai in Flight Control; a YN1 Halona Grayson, a Yeoman thrown into CIC; and now HA Quinn McCoy, a Medic.
Lieutenant Xalanthe, Starbase Port Royale;
Lieutenant Xalanthe, Port Royale is the first Dragonian Starfleet Officer, and the Chief of Security on the USS Shanghai a support vessel of Starbase Port Royale. He always responds to tags, and has great ideas on how the mission story telling should proceed.


Simulation of the Month

USS Trafalgar;
Despite an initial slow start, the Trafalgar has gone above and beyond expectations. Its writers produce compelling story and its CO has shown himself a top tier performer. The Trafalgar is an example for the Task Force at large and it is an absolute pleasure to have them be part of the TF9 family.
USS Dilgent;
USS Diligent is Task Force 38 Sim of the Month because while the simulation is new to Task Force, the Game Master and the ship’s name are not. The game has become active within three weeks, and it has moved forward in its plot.
USS Legacy;
USS Victorious-A
The crew did an excellent job in driving a filler and killer storyline while the CO took an emergency ELOA, and kept the ship very active until the CO returned!
Crystal Fruits
“Since joining the TF, Crystal Fruits has proven a sim concept and sparked a future TF-arc in conjunction with Faltan Station.
My nomination is Crystal Fruits, they’ve had an excellent first month. Well done to Patrick and the team.

USS Equinox;
USS Equinox A recent arrival from Task Force 38, the Equinox crew has wasted no time continuing their mission and has produced quality posts towards their mission.

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