Staff Changes Once More Hit Task Force Thirty-Eight

The Tongo task group commanding officer has been recalled to Starfleet Command, Starfleet officials confirmed.

Commodore Bahrat Noth was recalled ” debriefing after his long stint in the Gradin Belt,” according to Fourth Fleet spokesman Commander Evans Williams.

The Commodore also holdest the honor of being the first Nausicaan to have been promoted to flag grade. Commodore Noth is one of the few flag officers to have surived the Delta Quadrant. During his time in the Delta Quadrant, his command USS Equinoxis credited with the discovery of the Epatha Gateway that restored contact with Starfleet and the Federation.

Noth had been the third highest ranking officer in the Task Force Thirty-eight since January according to Starfleet records.

There is some good news that has come to Task Force Thirty-eight in the form of Marine Expeditionary Unit, namely the Third Marine Expeditionary Unit, under the command of Colonel Bryan Accomack.

With this arrival, Colonel Accomack will also be filling the billets of Tonga Task Group Commanding Officer and Task Force Marine Commanding Officer

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