Editorial Staff


Cmdr Valerian Silverstein
Managing Editor
Born on earth, Valerian interest had always been focus on writting. At first he though he could become a great novelist until he found something that could push both his interest on travel and writting, being part of the Federation News Service. After graduating in journalist at the academy, he started to travel between ship and planet to gather news. It was during the Dominion war that he made a name for himself, going to dangerous war theater to get picture and stories from soldier on the front.
As the war ended, he was recalled to the Beta quadrant as an attache to Starfleet FNS working directly with the Task force Senior Staff. Five year later, he was promoted and assign as the Editor-in-chief of the Fleet News Service at Starfleet Headquarter on Earth.



Lt.Cmdr. Sara Mattis
Correspondent TF9
Lt.Cmdr. Lucien St. Cyr
Correspondent TF38
Cetus Lapetus
Correspondent TF72

Cetus Lapetus is the nom de plume for Rupert Carlomann Jefferson Saxe-Coburg, the most recent contemporary heir of a worthless and antiquated title of Western European nobility. After spending many decades living a life of old-money luxury in pointless self-aggrandizement, Rupert turned to scholastic pursuits of a slightly different sort. The salacious gossip from royal courts of ages past has now turned to cutting-edge developments and reports from Starfleet. Using his family connections in Task Force 72, Rupert adopted a pen name befitting his curious and eccentric view of Starfleet politics and stellar gossip.

Samantha Andrea Turnbull
The youngest of the three children (and only girl) of Matthias and Selma Turnbull, Samantha was born (in 2359) and grew up in the city of New Tallahassee, Florida (the original city having been completely destroyed in the Xindi attack two hundred years before her birth). Samantha's father was a retired Federation diplomat who taught at the University of New Tallahassee, while her mother was chair of the University's philosophy department, as well as the author of a the widely regarded six volume work, "Autonomy and Sovereignty," which discusses the scope and limitation of Federation Law, and what burdens Federation Law should and should not be able to place upon its member states and individual citizens. Among legal philosophers, "Autonomy and Sovereignty" is considered a classic tome, equal to Mill's "On Liberty," T'Lar's "The Defense of Systematic Governing" and Tak Merracha's "Coda of Rulership." Samantha's childhood wasn't one of academic brilliance and, though she was something of a tomboy, she only really excelled at those sports which didn't require a high degree of team cooperation. Nevertheless, there were a number of factors that would push her in the direction of a journalistic career focusing on Star Fleet. For one, the city of New Talahassee had one of the highest Starfleet recruitment on Earth, a tradition that extends back to the number of volunteers wanting to serve in Earth's Starfleet after the Xindi attack. For another, while New Tallahassee might have one of the smallest populations of xenophobes on the planet, it probably did have the largest populations of Andorophiles (lovers of all things Andorian) in the Sol system. Point of fact, Andoria maintained a small consulate in New Tallahassee, the University of New Tallahassee probably has the best Andorian language and culture department outside of the Andorian Empire and, despite the fact that New Tallahassee's clime was warmer than most Andorians preferred, it was the most preferred city on Earth, even after Paris and San Francisco, to celebrate Andorian holidays.
Then there was the facts that both of Samantha's parents held to the maxim that the more open a society was, the easier it was to achieve a resolution to any problem. With all these factors, it wasn't difficult to understand why Samantha would enter a career that focused on events off Earth, and which promoted openness.Samantha would attend the University of Tycho Brae and earn a degree in Journalism, and after graduation enter the Federation News Service, pursuing a career that would certainly give praise to Starfleet and the Federation where it was due, but was not shy about pointing out the Federation's or Starfleet's shortcomings.
Lt. Gral Sov
Correspondent Tf99