Task Force 38 Staff Shuffle

Kia ora everyone!!

A couple of little announcements.

Firstly I hope your holiday period was festive and full of cheer! Hope you all had a safe and happy New Year.

Following Moss’s resignation, I was chosen to take over Task Force 38. One of my first decisions was choosing a Task Force Executive Officer. This brings us to AJ, who will be using the character of Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell. He has written in the Delta Quadrant before, and it somewhat familiar with the layout. For now, he will be working directly with me on organising the canon that is already there but will be creating a sim at some point in the future.

The TFSS have also discussed and opted to rename the Task Groups.

The ‘Gradin Belt Group’ will now be known as Task Group Oberon.

‘The Round Table Group’ will now be known as Task Group Palamedes

Reius will be stepping into the position of Task Group Commanding Officer of Palamedes Group and with myself, and AJ’s, guidance will work on The Round Table to improve what is already there.

There isn’t a new canon incoming for Task Force 38, because there is already plenty of material to work with, so the goal is to come up with a story that fit’s the already rich Delta Quadrant.

Please congratulate both AJ and Reius, and let’s make 2019 Task Force 38’s year!!

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