Task Force 9 Receives Reinforcements to Aid in Its Missions

It is with truly great pleasure that I today announce not one but multiple major changes to the Task Force.

First of all, Kai1701E (Captain Nilani Azulas) has taken command of Deep Space 11. Taking the base away from being just a Task Force fiction and turning it into a full sim that also serves as Task Force Headquarters. The sim will focus on the orbital station but also include New Bajor and the nearby Ha’Dara Fleet Yards. Captain Nilani Azulas is also promoted to the rank of Commodore. Deep Space 11 is a new provisional class, the Unity Class Starbase.

The new assignment does however not mean that the Nogura is going away, Stacks playing as Commander Lapzik Ghein will take over as Commanding Officer. The Nogura has a long history in Task Force 9 and has had a leading role in every canon from its first appearance in the Task Force. The Nogura will continue as it has so far with a strong focus on the remnants of the Consortium.

The fun does not end there however! Next up we have the arrival of a new sim, the USS Trafalgar! Commanded by MJ playing as CJ Hervey, an officer new to Command with a ship only just reactivated. The Trafalgar offers the opportunity for creative writers to grow together with the ship as they support the objectives of Task Force 9 in all its forms.

With that I’d like to wish all the… No we’re not quite done yet. Last but certainly not least we have another new arrival to Task Force 9. The USS Chimaera! Commanded by wizardbeard as Commander Onaga Sayuri the ship has quite an interesting tale indeed. Quite literally after being shattered in pieces the crew has found itself in a little known area of the Gamma Quadrant. An area filled with all types of people one can imagine. The ship and crew must now find a way to survive and perservere.

Now with that we have really come to the end of this announcement. On behalf of the full Senior Staff of Task Force 9 I welcome all the new CO’s and look forward to some great writing.


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