Thanks For All The Fish

The middle of December is here, and we at the BFCC have a somber announcement for you.

As we entered 2017 (yes, almost two years ago), the Fleet was seeing one of its darkest hours. The fleet as a whole was struggling and soon found itself in a position without stable stable leadership. In lieu of electing a new Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer, a proposal came into play to create the Bravo Fleet Command Council, a joint venture of three current and former BFXOs, that would help stop the hemorrhaging and set the fleet back on a path to greatness. Weeks later, the all new Bravo Fleet website debuted, workgroups were established to right some wrongs, and the fleet was moved to stronger, more stable infrastructure.

While he was not in the center of all of these things, JonM played a pivotal, if not crucial, role in all of that and more. In the last two years, in addition to serving on the BFCC’s inaugural year, JonM also served as the Task Force Commanding Officer of 38, and most recently the Bravo Fleet Internet Officer. In recent days, JonM has informed the BFA of his decision to stand down from his leadership role and his simming commitments to focus on life and family. Words cannot express how grateful we the BFA are for his tenured service, nor his contributions to the fleet at large over the last few years.

In announcements such as these, it is customary to announce the next person to hold the vacated role. Today, however, the Bravo Fleet Admiralty is making an exception. Due to the sensitive nature of our infrastructure, and the rarity of the skillset it and our software requires, the BFA is presently reviewing the capacity and duties assigned to the Internet Office. Once our deliberations are complete, we will seek out candidates for the position.

In the meantime, please join with us as we applaud JonM for his service to the fleet. Bravo Fleet would not have become the success it is today without his efforts. So long, JonM, and thanks for all the fish!

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