The Lost Has Been Found!

Legend speaks of an ancient city, lost deep beneath Earth’s oceans. Many souls perished unable to be the first to rediscover it, and the mystery remains to this day.

In today’s Starfleet, the Alpha Quadrant is troubled by the Alrakis Pact, an uneasy peace in the Gavarian Corridor, and whispers of a Legion. Starfleet may be stretched, but elements of it still strive to continue searching the unknown. Enter the USS Atlantis, named after the mythical lost city, whose mission is to continue the original mission of the Federation: scientific discovery and cultural exchange. As more and more Starfleet resources in the Alpha Quadrant are shifted into military roles to counter the Pact, the Atlantis helps fulfill the scientific goals of the Federation and Starfleet.

Commanding the USS Atlantis is Commander Yulin Rael. Welcome to Task Force 72 and the Athena Task Group, Commander!

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