The Pagh Is Strong With This One

When the Federation was introduced to Bajor in the late 2360s, they were a broken, divided people, torn asunder due to fifty years of Cardassian Occupation. The Federation, through its aid provided by operating Deep Space 9 and other means, was granted a front row seat to Bajor’s rebuilding and eventual admittance to the Federation. Today, Bajor is thriving, reaping the benefits of holding one of the most strategic locations in the entire Alpha Quadrant.

Bajor has come so far, but still has a long way to go. The still young Chamber of Ministers continues to shepherd the planet’s growth, success and reorganization, conducting all of this through the Great Assembly Hall of Ashalla. Political intrigue operates at high levels as political parties and independent interests influence and wrestle for control of Bajor’s development. As 2389 progresses, we will see the election of a new First Minister, and a renewed interaction with the Vedek Assembly. 

Welcome to Task Force 72!

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