Two Lists (Part 1)

There are two lists I keep in my head. I made the first list while growing up with my twin brother, Truman, and moving from starbase to starbase with our parents. On that list are the names of starship captains … Hervey, Kennit, Harper, McCullen, Rahal, Geisler and so many more. These are individuals who showed unparalleled commitment to the Federation and its ideals, who had the moral integrity and strength of character it takes to stand against evil no matter the cost. The names on that list inspire me; when I was barely ten, I already knew that I wanted to be a reporter. I wanted to see history play itself out and be able to write the story, share it all with every Federation world.

Then I grew up. When I reached college and started to learn about the other side of Starfleet, I made a second list and on that list, are also the names of starship captains — Decker, Garth, Tracy, and Maxwell, among others. Men who decided to take action based on their own skewed interpretation of how things were or how things should be; individuals who tossed integrity out the window and opened my eyes to the reality of life in space.

By now, everyone knows the story of the ill-fated crew of the USS Wanderwell. A saboteur managed not only to sneak on board but to remain on board for weeks during which time this individual is said to have stolen classified material and escaped by sabotaging the ship’s pulse cannon. As is customary, the ship’s captain and crew were questioned about the events that led to the death of fifty-seven individuals including the ship’s first officer, Lt. Commander Sidonie Navarre, its Chief of Security, Lieutenant Kevin Haldane, and its Chief of Operations, Lieutenant David Reese.

Those questions led to the court martial of the ship’s commanding officer and today, William Thrace was found guilty of charges that included dereliction of duty. He was stripped of his rank and ordered to a rehabilitation center for treatment. When asked about the court martial and the events leading up to Thrace’s conviction, the ship’s first officer, Lt. Commander Baz’ra Jennings, said, “Captain Thrace dishonored Wanderwell. I do not wish to speak further of the petaQ! If he were on a Klingon ship, the Klingons would know what to do with him. We will honor the 57 that he dishonored.”

Tomorrow, we’ll take a look at how the survivors of the Wanderwell are faring in the aftermath of this tragedy and check in with the investigators to learn more about the hunt for this mass murderer. I’m Verity Birdwhistle reporting for FNS.

Verity Birdwhistle
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Verity Birdwhistle is an investigative journalist for FNS who, together with the technical expertise supplied by her twin brother, Truman, ask the tough questions and bring to you the truth behind the headlines.

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