USS Altai

The Federation has enjoyed relative prosperity since the Dominion War ended more than a decade ago. Starfleet has largely been rebuilt to pre-war levels. Science and exploration have once again become the primary missions of Starfleet. Though there have been some skirmishes of late, the Federation has remained dedicated to its peaceful mission. Diplomatic efforts have proven successful in reigning in would-be military conflicts.

In this new era of relative peace, Captain Osegan Trenna has recently been reassigned from the Starfleet Diplomatic Corps to command the Steamrunner-class USS Altai. The current mission is to survey a recently discovered pulsar. While conducting scans of the pulsar, sensor interference was noticed, leading to an investigation. A team took a runabout to the far side of the pulsar and were able to use a resonance pulse and uncovered a hidden ship of an unknown design.

The Altai contacted the ship, Zynd’ra, and invited the crew to dinner. During the meal, the Altai was boarded and the Zynd’ra’s crew was kidnapped. Now communications are jammed and there is no sign of the kidnappers.

Who are these two species?
How do they know each other?
Will the Zynd’ra’s crew be recovered?

Join the Altai to help maintain a peaceful Federation and further the exploration of the Gamma Quadrant.

Current Open Positions:
–Chief Tactical Officer
–Chief Flight Control Officer
–Assistant Chiefs in Most Departments
–Junior Officers and Enlisted Welcome and Encouraged!

The USS Altai is an award-winning Nova based sim, with the rating of 16+. We are part of Bravo Fleet’s Task Force 9.

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