USS Kitsune

Kitsune are often presented as tricksters, with motives that vary from mischief to malevolence. Stories tell of Kitsune playing tricks on overly proud samurai, greedy merchants, and boastful commoners, while the crueler ones abuse poor tradesmen and farmers or devout Buddhist monks.

The Federation’s enemies share many traits with the enemies of the Kitsune — Proud Klingons, overwhelmingly greedy Orions, boastful Cardassians — and even her Allies have much in common with monks, tradesmen, and farmers.

When R&D at Utopia Planatia decided to build a new Test Bed for Experimental Technologies, several engineers decided to honor the Ancient Spirits of Earth, dubbing the freshly built Saber class ship the USS Kitsune NX-79832-B.

Currently Recruiting: XO, CFO, CoOps, CSO, CMO

Rated 18+ (3-2-3)

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